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Replace a Spare part Pollen Filter (Cabin Filter) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Pollen Filter (Cabin Filter)

Interior filter is a quite a unique thing. It is necessary to ensure the air, which constantly gets in the car from the street, to be fresh, without any mixture of dust and debris. After several years of operation in the lattices of the air duct there are mountains of dust. This is very harmful to the health of the driver and passengers, as dirt accumulates numerous bacteria and germs. And what happens in the car in the summer! Hardly have you washed your favourite car, in an hour you will notice a small layer of dust on the dashboard. Not to mention how much dirt fabric upholstery absorbs.

That's why it was invented this unique car part, which is called interior or air conditioner filter. Undoubtedly, the interior filter is made of the highest quality material. It is a special breathable paper that delays in it even the smallest particles of dust and dirt and does not clog. If you turn on the heater, that dust that gets on the filter paper will lie on a special air-pocket of the air fan.

If you have suddenly noticed that windows started to get misted or the heater is worse blowing, you need to change the interior filter. Otherwise the clogged filter begins to suppress the engine and this can lead to a rapid failure of the ventilation engine. Driving with misted windows is also dangerous. By the way, it is recommended to change the interior filter every 10.000 kilometres.

You can buy interior filter in our online store. After all, we provide the most affordable prices and short delivery terms. You can also buy such car parts as oil cooler, water pump or side door.

Pollen Filter (Cabin Filter) for VW CADDY III Estate (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ), OPEL CORSA D, BMW 5 (E60)

Faults of cabin filter
  • clogged cabin filter;
  • damage to the filter surface;
  • desorption (charcoal filtration properties loss).
Symptoms of cabin filter malfunction
  • foggy windows;
  • unpleasant odor or stale air in the cabin;
  • low level of air pressure in the cabin at the maximum fan speed;
  • poor quality performance of the air conditioning system;
  • insufficient cabin heating in the cold season;
  • low air circulation.
Causes of cabin filter faults
  • incorrect installation of the filter;
  • travelling on dusty roads;
  • exceeding the cabin filter life;
  • moisture or oil getting to the filter surface;
  • debris getting into the system and subsequent damage to the filter material;
  • excessive absorption of chemical elements and compounds by the charcoal filter and subsequent loss of its chemical properties.

A faulty cabin filter can be determined by its appearance. However, first you need to determine its location. In most city cars it is directly under the hood, but there are models where it is located at the bottom of the center console.

If the filter shows no signs of severe pollution, it can be simply shaken. Be sure to check the absence of moisture traces, because bacteria can develop in such an environment.

Replacing the cabin filter

The cabin filter is a consumable item, so it cannot be repaired. Moreover, the filter has a low cost, which enables to replace it relatively often.

A standard cabin filter service life is 10 000 kilometers. When driving off road or in dusty conditions the part replacement is recommended after 5,000 kilometers.

Independently a cabin filter can be replaced without special knowledge and tools. It is necessary to remove the filter cover, which is attached by small latches or screws, and pull out the filter. Always make sure that the installation of the filter is done correctly.

In case of severe damage to the filter it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the air conditioning system at a service shop to rule out more serious damage.

Pollen Filter (Cabin Filter) replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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