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Reviews of BOSCH Fuel filter
BOSCH: Brand's rating


8.1 /10

Reviews - 3251

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8 (891)
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Parameters rating +10215 Advantages Disadvantages 1146-
Product cost +2656 230-
Product quality +2377 233-
Packaging quality +1482 178-
Manufacturer +1692 262-
Warranty +2008 243-
Customer reviews
BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 076 Review

BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 076

its made by a reputable firm and is very affordable compared to other sites
BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 824 Review

BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 824

bosch is a trustworthy make and has a good name
BOSCH Fuel filter 0 450 906 508 Review

BOSCH Fuel filter 0 450 906 508

Recommended oem quality part
BOSCH Fuel filter 1 457 434 438 Review

BOSCH Fuel filter 1 457 434 438

I've heard it's a good brand
BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 844 Review

BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 844

Price and availability
BOSCH Fuel filter 0 986 450 508 Review

BOSCH Fuel filter 0 986 450 508

Good quality filter
BOSCH Fuel filter 1 457 434 432 Review

BOSCH Fuel filter 1 457 434 432

it is a good brand
BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 403 761 Review
BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 056 Review
BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 825 Review
BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 125 Review
BOSCH Fuel filter 1 457 434 516 Review
BOSCH Fuel filter 1 582 804 091 Review
BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 840 Review

Learn more about Bosch fuel filters

Bosch fuel filters have been produced by the German company Robert Bosch GmbH since 1930. First parts for fuel filtering were metal mesh with cotton flannel and required regular cleaning. Later, felt plates were used as filtering material, and then, special paper. Nowadays, the manufacturer produces more than 15 million components a year. They are of the premium pricing segment. The filters are used by many manufacturers as original parts. They are popular on the after-sales service market as well.


According to a fuel type there are the following types of Bosch fuel filters:

  • For diesel cars. Apart from the fuel filtering function they perform the water separation function. These filters provide a high-quality filtration. They stop up to 98% particles with the size of 3 microns and larger. The rubber seals are made of the materials, resistant to the aggressive influence, that is why such parts are compatible with biodiesel fuel.
  • For petrol cars. They are used in the carburetor and injection fuel systems. They clean fuel from fine contaminants, preventing injectors clogging.

According to a filtering grade:

  • Coarse filtering. They stop large contaminants. They perform primary water separation.
  • Fine filtering. They stop particles with the size of 2 microns and larger. They remove no less than 95% of water.

According to paper pleating method:

  • Radial V-form. The paper in such parts is pleated and fastened in connection areas. Filtered contaminants settle on the filtering element surface and in pores.
  • Spiral V-form. They are made of crepe paper, which is winded around a reinforced tube. Unfiltered fuel moves alongside. Dirt settles in the cavities of material ribs.

According to a housing construction:

  • Demountable. During technical servicing it’s possible to replace the filtering element of such parts. This allows to save money on maintenance.
  • Non-demountable. They are replaced together with the casing. Amongst them there are in-line ones, which are tapped into the fuel line with the help of pipes; and spin-on ones, which are attached using threaded connection.

5 facts about Bosch fuel filters

  1. Special microfiber paper, treated with phenolic resin, differs by resistance to mechanical, thermal and chemical loads. The filtering elements maintains the initial shape during the whole working lifespan.
  2. Uniform pore distribution improves high filtering efficiency.
  3. Connections of paper elements are reinforced with metal plates. This provides 100% air-tightness in connection areas. Technologies of laser and ultrasonic welding, double folding or special adhesive-free compounds guarantee integrity of casing seams even under the influence of oil, fuel and temperature variations.
  4. The company is the developer of the most modern injection systems. That is why its filtering elements meet their requirements.
  5. The assortment of Boschfuel filters includes more than 400 varieties.

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