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Replace a Spare part Exhaust Manifold Gasket – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Exhaust manifold gaskets are mounted between an exhaust manifold and an engine cylinder head. Their main function is to prevent entering of exhaust gases into underhood space of a car.

Main characteristics of exhaust manifold gaskets

3 tips on exhaust manifold gaskets operation

  1. The components have no specified lifetime limits. Their lifetime depends on the engine operation specifics. That is why gaskets replacement should be performed immediately after you notice defects signs.
  2. After installation of the gasket, tighten nuts in the specific sequence indicated in the car technical documentation. Use a torque wrench in order to provide the required tightening torque.
  3. Avoid engine overheating, because it quickens gaskets wear.

Defects of exhaust manifold gaskets, their causes and signs

  1. Burning-out. It often happens as a result of engine overheating, for example, when using the car in off-road conditions. In the damaged area, exhaust gases will be coming out, forming soot. Moreover, this defect can be detected by presence of the exhaust gases smell in the passenger compartment.
  2. Deformation. It may be the result of use of the poor-quality component. This defect can be indicated by the same signs as in case of burning-out. Moreover, the engine may be started with difficulty, periodically stall; and unusual sounds can be heard from under the hood during engine operation.

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