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Spares DAIHATSU Taft (F20)

All our online store customers have noted that our website has a comprehensive car parts catalog and an easy to use search directory. Indeed, the site boasts of a unique collection of components and car parts of all brands, including DAIHATSU TAFT. To pick the product that interests you, please select the corresponding system - brakes, fuel, exhaust etc. Now, select a specific part for DAIHATSU TAFT. Questions? Immediately contact our support team.

Auto parts TAFT DAIHATSU TAFT Car parts

Version KW PS year from year to Info
Taft (F20) 1.6 D 4x4 (F20, F25) (49 KW / 67 PS) 49 67 09.1976 02.1985 info
Taft (F20) 2.5 D 4x4 (F50, F55) (45 KW / 61 PS) 45 61 08.1978 08.1982 info
Taft (F20) 2.8 D 4x4 (F60, F65) (51 KW / 69 PS) 51 69 08.1982 02.1985 info

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