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Ice scraper

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MAMMOOTH Ice scraper
  • Length [cm]:  50
  • Condition:  New
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WALSER Ice scraper
  • Length [cm]:  65
  • Condition:  New
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£ 11,33
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SNO-PRO Ice scraper Plastic, Grey
  • Material:  Plastic
  • Colour:  Grey
  • Length [cm]:  40
  • Width [cm]:  9
  • Delivery:  Free
  • Condition:  New
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£ 23,74**
£ 20,18
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Ice scraper 42020
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Article №: 42020
CARCOMMERCE Ice scraper Plastic
  • Material:  Plastic
  • Condition:  New
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£ 1,25
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Window scraper KEGEL Aurora 5-5002-206-9999 for BMW, FORD, MERCEDES-BENZ, VW
Ice scraper 550022069999

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Article №: 5-5002-206-9999
KEGEL Aurora Ice scraper Polyester, Beige
  • Material:  Polyester
  • Colour:  Beige
  • Retrofitted:   [EN] glove
  • Product line:  Aurora
  • Condition:  New
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£ 5,18**
£ 3,63
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Ice scrapers are car accessories used during the cold season for cleaning glasses and body of the vehicle.

Types of ice scrapers

As a rule, these accessories are equipped with a plastic, silicone or rubber blade. Apart from usual products the following are produced as well:

  • Scrapers with the blade and teeth. They allow not only to clean icing off, but also to crack even large ice parts easily.
  • Combined. They consist of the scraper for glass cleaning and brush for snow and ice removal off the body.

There are such accessories by construction:

  • One-piece. These are reliable, durable and compact devices. But due to rather short handle, cleaning of the windscreen in hard-to-reach places is very difficult.
  • Telescopic. They have an extendable handle due to which you can remove snow and ice even off the large windscreen or off the roof. At the same time devices are often rather fragile.

There are the following accessories according to the body production material:

  • plastic (cheap but fragile and non-durable);
  • ABS plastic (resistant to low temperatures);
  • polycarbonate (they are characterized by high strength and durability).

A lot of manufacturers offer accessories with heating of the working surface or with the waterproof glove for hands protection.

Tips on ice scrapers use

  1. Before cleaning windows you should start the car, set the heating mode of the climate system and bend the windscreen wipers.
  2. It is better to start procedure from side windows while the windscreen will be warming with the help of operating climate equipment.
  3. In order not to scratch the window you should direct the scraper at a small angle, and periodically wipe the working surface, thus, removing abrasive dirt.
  4. Cleaning of the windows is better to perform in the evening because removal of ice pieces frozen during night will be more difficult.

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