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Car roof bars are made for transportation of such bulky cargo as bicycles, inflatable boats, surfing boards, etc. The roof bars help to reliably fasten a cargo; and unlike trailers, do not interfere car maneuverability, and do not require a registration.

Types of car roof bars

Depending on the mounting location, there are roof bars:

  • Longitudinal. They are factory-installed on many SUVs, minivans, estates. Models of certain trim levels, where the roof bars are not available, are often factory-equipped with special mounting points covered with plugs.
  • Transverse. Items of this type are rarely installed as standard. They can be fastened directly to the car roof, or to already installed longitudinal accessories.

The roof bars differ in the production materials. The following types of the items are the most common:

  • Metal. These accessories are notable for high durability. They can be heavy, made of steel, or can be of a lighter weight – made of aluminium.
  • Metal and plastic. They are notable for low weight and affordable price, but are less resistant to mechanical damages.

The accessories can be model-specific and universal. The first ones are designed for exact car models and usually used when the car roof is equipped with special fastening holes. The second ones are suitable for almost all cars, and they are mostly used in case of non-availability of standard fastenings.

Tips on car roof bars use

If factory-made mounting holes are not provided for in the car, then it is better to visit a service station for installation of the roof bars. There is the risk of roof damaging, when  drilling the holes by yourself.

If the factory-made mounting holes are available, you should remove the plugs from them, and clean, dry and de-oil the holes. After mounting, you can apply a small amount of silicone sealant on the fastening areas, in order to avoid ingress of moisture in the car interior.

You should not exceed maximum allowable loading capacity when using the car roof bars. Violation of this rule can lead to deformation of the car body, door openings, etc.

A cargo can be transported with the help of the car roof bars not earlier than in 24 hours after their installation. A cargo should be evenly distributed and securely fastened. The reliability of fastening of the structure should be checked before every trip. professional assistance

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