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Brake caliper for VW TRANSPORTER: useful information

Technical information
  • Parts recommended for simultaneous replacement as part of a service kit
    • Wiper Blade
    • Brake Hose
    • Brake Pad Set, disc brake
    • Brake Disc
    • Brake Fluid
    • Guide Sleeve Kit, brake caliper
    • Splash Panel, brake disc
    • Accessory Kit, disc brake pads
    • Cable, parking brake
    • Repair Kit, brake caliper
    • Brake Set, disc brakes
    • Accessory Kit, parking brake shoes
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  • Maximum price £ 223,00

What types of brake calipers are used on Volkswagen Transporter?

Typically, this model is equipped with single-piston floating calipers. Their housings can be made from cast iron or steel. Some cars have a built-in parking brake mechanism.

Diameters of the pistons can be different, it depends on the wheel and brake disc size. That is why these characteristics should match the parameters of the standard parts. They are specified in the owner’s manual of a particular car.

Can I replace brake calipers on my car myself?

It is better to entrust the replacement procedure to professionals. Such works require a special tool for winding the pistons back into the component, and the system should be bled after repair. If you disregard this requirement or perform air bleeding incorrectly, this may result in brake failure.

Can I continue driving my Volkswagen Transporter if one of the calipers got jammed?

No, you should never drive the vehicle in this case. Jamming of this part will lead to either constant contact of the pads with the disc or insufficient braking force. As a result, the car will pull to one side during driving or braking. That is why, if this malfunction occurs, you should use a towing service and bring your vehicle to a garage.

Are brake calipers on the front and rear axles always the same?

No, the components differ in the housing size, cylinder diameter, and arrangement of the mounting holes. Moreover, their characteristics should correspond to the diameter and thickness of the brake discs. The brake discs differ depending on the axle they are installed on: the front one, in most cases, is equipped with vented discs, while the rear – with solid ones.

In which cases it is possible to repair a brake caliper on Volkswagen Transporter?

The component rarely breaks down. That is why, in most cases, its elements like guide pins and dust boots, pistons, seals and fasteners can be replaced separately. Usually, you can buy all these parts as a repair kit.

Do all versions of this car model have brake calipers installed on the rear axle?

No, the Volkswagen Transporters of earlier generations have drum brakes installed on the rear axle. Consult the vehicle owner’s manual to see which type of brakes your car has.

Should brake pads and disks also be changed when replacing the calipers?

Yes, it is recommended to install new brake pads as well. As a rule, the pads wear out unevenly when the pistons or guide pins get jammed. Note that the parts should be replaced in pairs on one axle even if the other wheel didn’t need any repairs. The brake discs are replaced if they are worn.