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Wiper blades MERCEDES-BENZ rear and front

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What types of windscreen wiper blades can I install on Mercedes-Benz cars?

Manufacturers offer conventional, flat or hybrid parts. The conventional models are characterized by high strength. As a rule, they glide over the windscreen surface easily and clean all its parts evenly. Moreover, they are sold at a relatively low price. But many traditional blades wear out fast and can’t clean the glass as good. Flat items are the best choice for those who value modern design. Such models operate silently. They function properly even at low ambient temperatures. Hybrid parts combine the advantages of conventional and flat ones: they are durable and have good aerodynamic properties.

Which brands of wiper blades are considered to be the best quality for cars of this make?

Most car enthusiasts highly praise parts produced by Bosch, Valeo, Champion, SWF, Hella, Kamoka, and Denso.

How often should I replace windscreen wiper blades on my Mercedes-Benz?

As a rule, you can find replacement intervals in the vehicle owner’s manual. Usually, the manufacturer advises installing new components twice a year. You may have to replace these elements more often, if, for instance, you let them freeze to the windscreen. If you use components equipped with wear indicators, their colour change will hint when to buy new parts.

Can I replace windscreen wiper blades on my car myself and how much time will it take?

For many models, the manufacturer recommends replacing these elements at a garage. Nonetheless, it is a simple procedure and can be performed on your own if you have basic repair skills. Typically, you need to remove the key from the ignition switch, pull the wiper arm off the windscreen, remove the old part and install a new one. Its correct position is marked by the arrow sign. After the installation, you need to check if the element is securely attached and push the arm back to the glass. The replacement procedure for these parts varies depending on the vehicle model, that is why be sure to check the corresponding chapter of your vehicle manual before you start.

The replacement takes about 10–15 minutes if you have corresponding skills and experience.

How to keep these components from freezing to the windscreen in winter?

It is recommended to lift them when the car is parked.

Why do windscreen wiper blades on my Mercedes-Benz squeak?

In most cases, noises during operation mean these parts need replacement. That’s because this problem occurs most often when the components are used for too long. But before purchasing new components you need to make sure that unpleasant sounds are not caused by the dry or too dirty windscreen.