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Control arm MERCEDES-BENZ rear and front

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How do I check the condition of suspension arms on Mercedes-Benz myself?

For diagnostics, you will need a crowbar and a lifting device.

The steps are the following:

  1. Raise the car.
  2. Inspect the dust boots of the ball joints for damages.
  3. Rock the wheel from side to side. Free play or unusual sounds indicate a failure.
  4. Insert the crowbar in the gap between the arm and the hub and press on the tool. A good ball joint won’t move.
  5. Inspect the bushes: their rubber parts shouldn’t flake off.
  6. Use the subframe as support and try to move these parts in transverse and longitudinal directions with the crowbar. If they easily change their position, the components are defective.
  7. Check whether the parts are not damaged.

Problems during wheel alignment are the indirect sign of bad parts. Another sign is a car pulling to one side when driving.

What materials are used for the production of modern components?

Nowadays they are made from:

  • steel;
  • aluminium;
  • magnesium-based alloys.

The main task of the manufacturer is to reduce the weight of the car part without compromising its strength. Parts made of the latter two materials are a perfect solution, however, they are more expensive.

What factors affect the working lifespan of these components?

The components have a long lifespan which, however, can be reduced by mechanical impacts or corrosion. In the first case, damage occurs when the wheel gets into a pothole at high speed or if the vehicle is often used off-road. Other worn-out suspension components contribute to the problem. In the second case, only steel parts break down. Frequent overloading of the vehicle reduces the lifespan of the bushes. The car should only carry the load it is designed for.

How do I maintain the suspension arms on Mercedes-Benz?

Regularly check the condition of the ball joints and bushes and replace faulty components with new ones. The arms will last long if these elements are replaced in good time.

Can I straighten a deformed part?

No, you cannot. Even if you restore its shape, the metal loses its strength. A deformed part is non-repairable.

What are the consequences if I don’t replace the parts in due time?

Driving a car with faulty components leads to premature wear of tyres, breakdown of other suspension elements, and a car pulling to one side. This can result in additional costs and cause a road accident.