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Reviews of RIDEX Boot struts
RIDEX: Brand's rating


9.4 /10

Reviews - 596

Parameters rating +463 Advantages Disadvantages 0-
Product cost +131 -
Product quality +118 -
Packaging quality +48 -
Manufacturer +67 -
Warranty +99 -
Customer reviews
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0339 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0339

The website gave the Original Equipment Number which checked with the part on the car that needed replacing and the price was good
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0317 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0317

It was the right fitment and matched OE code. Also it was the cheapest and I have very little money to spend.
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0840 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0840

I choose this product because explanation and details to parts required seemed excellent
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0003 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0003

It was very easy to identify the correct part on this website and at a good price.
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0107 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0107

Mid range price and the same as the ones being replaced
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0203 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0203

it was the cheapest on offer from a reputable company
RIDEX Boot gas struts 2454G0013 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 2454G0013

hopefully its the one for my back top of my truck
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0246 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0246

price, guarantee, suitable for intended use
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0618 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0618

Your website was the easiest to use
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0350 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0350

Because it fits my car and reviews
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0030 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0030

it was the correct part for my car
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0734 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0734

The right price and conveinant
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0157 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0157

ease of purchase and price
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0452 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0452

the service was superb!
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0391 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0391

Ridex is a good brand
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0039 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0039

it was a good price
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0390 Review

RIDEX Tailgate struts 219G0390

I liked the price
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0183 Review
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0662 Review
RIDEX Boot gas struts 219G0114 Review

Learn more about RIDEX boot gas springs

RIDEX boot gas springs are of the budget price segment. Despite their low price, they are of excellent quality. They are produced by same-name company with headquarters in Berlin.


According to damping principle there are two types of gas struts:

  • Pneumatic. They are filled with compressed gas, which leaks between two chambers, divided by a piston. This gas adjusts the push-out speed and force of rod, ensuring even deceleration. And due to the ability to adjust the boot lid half-opened, RIDEX boot gas springs suit perfectly for operation in conditions of small space, for instance, for opening the boot lid in a room with low ceilings. Position of the rod doesn’t affect damping efficiency. However, performance of these springs gets significantly worse in the cold.
  • Hydraulic. They work faster, providing sharp decrease of piston speed at the end of its movement. In such parts pressurized gas is responsible for rod pushing out, while damping at the end of movement is performed by oil. They are more rigid in comparison with gas springs, but they demonstrate better operational characteristics in cold season. However, their operation can also be compromised at extremely low temperatures, when the oil viscosity increases significantly. Their damping characteristics can also worsen in the heat, as lubricating material gets more fluid due to overheating. Also, as the hydraulic springs construction presupposes the oil chamber, they should be mounted with the rod down only.

4 facts about RIDEX boot gas springs

  1. Due to additional elements, they are able to lift and hold a load at −40 to +80 °C temperature range.
  2. High-quality and durable seals perform air-tightness of the parts regardless of operational conditions and loads. This means that the pressure inside of the struts, and consequently, their efficiency will be preserved on a high level during the whole operational lifetime.
  3. Durable anti-corrosion protection guarantees parts integrity even in conditions of moist climate.
  4. Due to durable materials, resistant to rod deformations, the components cope with high loads well.

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