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Replace a Spare part Viscous Fan Coupling (Viscous Coupling) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Viscous Fan Coupling (Viscous Coupling)

Radiator fan clutch is a part of the engine cooling system. It provides torsion torque to the fan blade. Its aim is to change cooling intensity according to the engine load. Radiator fan clutch feature is in providing torsion torque with the help of a special liquid which changes its viscosity at exceeding of difference between rotation speed of the shaft and the fan blades.

4 tips on radiator fan clutch exploitation

  1. In theory, the radiator fan clutch can work up to 8 years. But in practice its lifetime directly depends on operation conditions. Perform thorough inspection of the component if you find defect signs.
  2. If broken down, the component is beyond repair. In case of breakdown replace the radiator fan clutch assembly.
  3. If the car wasn’t used for a long time, then replace oil in the radiator fan clutch before the first drive.
  4. Keep the component clean, wash it from time to time, especially remove oil signs. The soiled radiator fan clutch can turn on with the delay or even break.

Defects of radiator fan clutch, their reasons and signs

  1. Accelerated wear out of the bearing. High loads to the component can lead to its early wear-out. The sign of such defect is strange sounds during the cooling system work.
  2. Fluid leakage. It often happens because of seal wear out. Moreover, silicone fluid loses its viscosity in course of time. You can visually find the leakage by the typical marks in the area of the radiator fan clutch.

You can buy radiator fan clutch for your car in online-shop. Due to fast delivery you will get your car spare part within the shortest time.

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