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Replace a Spare part Oil Cooler – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Oil Cooler

Today it is possible more effectively to cool the vehicle's engine down using oil coolers. They are required to distribute heat from the engine with the help of oil, which is in the motor and is a major part of its operation. Recently, the use of oil cooler is gradually acquiring a great demand among motorists.

Oil cooler is a kind of cooling plates and tubes, in which hot oil circulates and becomes cool. Oil cooler is integrated into the crankcase system and does not interfere with its work. Effectiveness of the oil cooler primarily depends on what materials are used to make it, their thermal conductivity, shape and design. There are oil radiator systems with natural and artificial cooling system. Artificial cooling systems have one more fan, which gives a greater air flow on the heat exchanger and better oil cooling.

Oil cooler is constructed in such a way that oil clogging is excluded. Piping systems provide smooth circulation of oil through the system and the complete removal of unnecessary oil when it is replaced. It is necessary to remember that when utilizing additional oil cooler car will need more oil than usual. This is because the fact that when you turn on the radiator to the engine cooling system, it is necessary to fill the pipeline system with oil. Oil coolers’ exploitation for several times increases the cooling efficiency of the engine and the procedure of engine protecting with oil. When operating under operating temperature range, the engine oil is not subject to negative factors and, therefore, serves for much longer.

Order an oil cooler for your car in our online store. We will deliver your order in a short period of time and significantly save your budget. In addition to the oil cooler, you can purchase other car parts, such as oil pump, fuel tank or hydraulic filter.

Oil Cooler for VW PASSAT Variant (3A5, 35I), PEUGEOT PARTNER Box (5),

Faults of oil cooler
  • mechanical damage to the cooler;
  • clogging of the cooler;
  • wedge of connection hose safety valve;
  • damage to the radiator valve;
  • damaged hoses.
Symptoms of oil cooler faults
  • oil leaks on the radiator;
  • dark stains on the expansion tank;
  • engine overheating;
  • power loss when driving at high speeds;
  • loss of engine oil viscosity.
Causes of oil cooler faults
  • dust, dirt or moisturegetting into the radiator;
  • leakage of the system;
  • damage or wear of radiator gaskets;
  • looseness of mountings;
  • low oil pressure in the system;
  • low level of coolant in the system;
  • incorrect fastening of hoses.

When testing the oil radiator operation it is necessary to remove it from the system, after draining the lubricant. First check the work of the safety valve. It must open when the oil pressure is above 0.12 MPa.

Blowing and washing the cooler determines the degree of contamination. It should be noted that it is necessary to wash the radiator with liquid which does not cause corrosion.

Oil radiator of liquid cooling system should be checked for internal injuries. Despite the fact that liquid coolant provides a greater level of cooling, ingress of antifreeze into lubrication system can be fatal for the engine.

The mechanism maintenance should be carried out every 2-3 years. When properly used, the oil cooler service life can reach 10 or more years.

Replacement and repair of the oil radiator

Repair works are relevant only when the radiator is clogged or seals are damaged. In this case, the sealing rings are changed and the system must be cleaned..

When installing the oil radiator attention should be given to the strength of fasteners torsion. The correct tightening torque is 25 Nm. It is recommended to use a torque wrench to monitor this indicator.

When radiator tubes are damaged, even slightly, the part requires a complete replacement.

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