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Replace Wheel bolt for MERCEDES-BENZ in case of defects or service life expiry.

Wheel bolt MERCEDES-BENZ is an important part of the suspension. Wheel bolt MERCEDES-BENZ affect the correct operation of the entire system. Carry out timely replacements of the item, this is extremely important. If the part has been damaged or reached the end of its service life, order a new item at the best price in our online shop.

What are the types of wheel bolts for Mercedes-Benz?

The fasteners vary by the manufacturing material, length, thread type, and configuration of the seat. The latter can be conical or spherical. It should match the shape of the mounting seat in the wheel hub, otherwise the wheel cannot be reliably secured. As for the length, it is also a very important parameter, which can not be changed because too short fasteners won’t retain the wheel in a proper way. Too long ones can contact other parts. The thread type should match the vehicle specifications, particularly those of the wheel hub. The most commonly bought wheel fasteners for cars of this make are M12x1.5 and M14x1.5.

Wheel bolts of which material are the best to buy for cars of this make?

Usually, the fasteners for cars of this make are made of steel or titanium. The former are the most common, because they are inexpensive. They can have a titanium, nickel or chrome coating, which protects the fasteners from corrosion. The latter are more durable and lightweight, but more expensive than others. They are a good choice for owners of high-performance sports cars, heavy-duty SUVs, and for fans of motorsport.

Is there any limit for the number of screwing-unscrewing cycles for Mercedes-Benz wheel bolts?

Each wheel fastener has its working lifespan. It is defined by the car manufacturer and stated in the vehicle specification. Each model has its own value of this parameter. But, regardless of how long the fasteners have been used, they should be replaced if there are damages of thread turns, corrosion, or the bolt head is stripped.

How do I find out the right tightening torque for wheel bolts for cars of this brand?

The order and torque for tightening the threaded joints are always prescribed by the car manufacturer in the vehicle specification. Never fail to observe this requirements. Undertightening can cause loosening of the fasteners. Overtightening risks the fasteners tearing off.

Should I change the fasteners when I’m going to install wheel rims of a different type?

If you replace steel rims with alloy ones, installation of new bolts is mandatory: they should be longer. If you install the rims of the same type but of another diameter, old fasteners may fit in some cases. This all depends on the model of the rim you are going to install. Therefore, when purchasing new wheel rims, it’s a good idea to buy also a set of fasteners that will match these rims.

Should these elements be replaced as a set?

It is advisable. If one of the fasteners is worn out, there is a risk that soon others will get broken as well.

Do the front wheel fasteners differ from those of the rear wheels on cars of this make?

No, they don’t. The manufacturer uses the same fasteners for the front and rear wheels.

Do the wheel bolts differ on different Mercedes-Benz cars?

Yes, they do. They may vary by the thread type, seat type, length, and other parameters. Choose them based on the technical features of your car.

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