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Wiper blades HYUNDAI i30 rear and front

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Wiper blades for HYUNDAI i30: useful information

Technical information
  • Parts recommended for simultaneous replacement as part of a service kit
    • Screenwash
    • Wiper Arm, windscreen washer
    • Pollen filter
    • Tailgate strut
    • Bulb, spotlight
    • Water Pump, window cleaning
    • Wiper motor
List price of Wiper blades for HYUNDAI i30
  • Minimum price £ 2,00
  • Maximum price £ 84,00

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What types of windscreen wiper blades are installed on Hyundai i30 cars?

Depending on the production year and trim level, cars of this model can be equipped with conventional, hybrid or beam (frameless) windscreen wiper blades. Moreover, the parts vary in size. 610 mm long parts are installed on the driver side, those with the length of 457 mm – on the passenger side. Estate cars are equipped with a rear window wiper with a 305 mm long blade. The type of the fastener is the Hook connector of 9x3 or 9x4 size. If you purchased the parts with another type of the fastener, you will need a special adapter to install them.

Windscreen wiper blades of which manufacturers are considered to be the most reliable for this car model?

The highest quality products are made by Bosch, Valeo, Hella, Denso, Vaico, and other companies. These parts ensure perfect cleaning. Moreover, they last long.

How often should windscreen wiper blades for Hyundai i30 be replaced?

The components ensure effective cleaning for about a year. They have to be replaced at the end of this period. It is better to install the new parts before the colder months, when due to the weather conditions you have to use them quite often.

Please note: the necessity to install new parts may arise sooner if you bought low-grade products; use poor quality fluid in the windscreen washer; oil or other substances got on the rubbers surface; or if the vehicle is used in extreme off-road conditions, like in swampy area.

Why do I need to replace windscreen wiper blades on this car model?

In the course of time the rubber element gets worn out; cracks and chips appear on it. This results in reduced cleaning quality and smears remaining on the windscreen. It is dangerous, as windscreen clarity is one of the main road safety requirements.

Can I replace windscreen wiper blades on my car myself?

Replacement of these components involves quite simple steps, which you can easily perform yourself. All you have to do is to lift the wiper arm from the windscreen, unlatch the connector, remove the old wiper blade, and install the new one into its place. The whole procedure will take you a few minutes. Before getting down to work, take care to protect the windscreen. Cover it with a towel, in order to prevent the glass surface from being accidentally damaged by a wiper arm.

How do I prevent Hyundai i30 windscreen wiper blades from freezing to the windscreen in winter?

Try to ventilate the car after trips. To this end, turn off all devices, open the doors, and wait for a minute or more. This will help to equalize the temperature inside with the ambient temperature, and prevent the freezing. Another method consists in treating the rubber elements with washer fluid. For this, activate the washer and windscreen wipers for a few seconds after a trip. This will help to remove moisture and ice from the surface and prevent it from building-up later. You can also purchase a special product – de-icer. Apply it on the glass surface and then polish it. Special heating elements will also help to solve the problem. They can be attached to the lower edge of the windscreen or directly to the wiper blades.