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What types of window regulators are installed in a Renault Scenic?

Most cars have an electric drive controlled by switches on the driver’s door. Some vehicles, mostly of the first generation, were fitted with manual rear windows, where you have to turn the crank on the door to open or close them.

The window regulator can be of a cable or scissor type. The cable-type regulator is the most common and is factory-installed equipment for most Renault Scenic vehicles. Its design is characterised by simplicity and affordability. In addition, it can be repaired with the help of a repair kit. Scissor-type systems are robust and durable but they take up a lot of space, can’t be fixed, and are more expensive.

What’s better: power or manual?

Manual mechanisms are more reliable as they continue working in case of a collision or dead battery. Besides, they are not less likely to cause injury because a person controls the force applied to close the window.

Power windows are more convenient. They allow the driver to control the windows of every door remotely. The implementation of the electric drive helped to introduce some important options: impulse mode, auto-reverse, which is activated when there is an obstacle in the way, and automatic window roll-up or down when the alarm goes off or on.

What causes faulty window regulators in a Renault Scenic?

Owners of this model often experience problems such as failure of the switch unit on the driver’s door. As a rule, this malfunction is caused by the fact that its wires are crimped, not soldered. They tear apart after a while, which leads to the failure. Sometimes faulty operation is the result of contact oxidation.

Many malfunctions occur due to worn-out door seals. Water and dirt that get inside lead to corrosion and cause guides and other mechanism components to get stuck. These components can deform because of a collision. Soon the window glass either moves with difficulty or gets completely stuck. As a consequence, the electric motor is exposed to high loads, which lead to its failure. In some cases, drive cables can break because of wear and tear.

How do I know that an electric window regulator of Renault Scenic malfunctions or has failed?

The following symptoms indicate a problem:

  • When the button is pressed, you can hear the motor running but the window won’t roll up or down.
  • The system does not respond to switching on.
  • The window rolls up or down too slowly, doesn’t go all the way, moves jerkily, or is crooked.
  • The mechanism produces unusual sounds while running.
  • Windows open and then immediately close on their own.
  • The window won’t stay up.

Can window regulators be repaired or only replaced?

There is no need to replace the whole mechanism. There are special repair kits with all the components needed to fix the unit. You can also buy cables, pulleys, latches, electric motors and switch units separately.