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Wiper blades MAZDA 6 rear and front

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Wiper blades for MAZDA 6: useful information

Technical information
  • Parts recommended for simultaneous replacement as part of a service kit
    • Screenwash
    • Wiper Arm, windscreen washer
    • Pollen filter
    • Tailgate strut
    • Bulb, spotlight
    • Water Pump, window cleaning
    • Wiper motor
List price of Wiper blades for MAZDA 6
  • Minimum price £ 2,00
  • Maximum price £ 60,00

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What types of wiper blades are installed on the Mazda 6 cars?

The following types of components fit this vehicle:

  • Conventional. Cheap, universal, however, the least effective. In winter, their hinges get clogged with ice and snow, which affects the wiping performance. In addition, they are maintenance demanding: the moving joints have to be lubricated from time to time.
  • Winter. To avoid ice formation, their frame is enclosed into a protective cover. Due to their large size, the operation of these accessories is hindered by the airflow when driving.
  • Hybrid. The lightweight frame enclosed in a cover of an aerodynamic shape ensures that the component is pressed to the working surface tightly regardless of the vehicle speed.
  • Flat. These parts are reliable, efficient, and stylish. They have good aerodynamic characteristics. Thanks to the absence of hinges, they don’t get covered with ice in sub-zero temperatures.

Some models of these car parts have additional features, for example, the heating function for quick defrosting or nozzles to spray washer fluid.

Components of what brands is it better to buy for this car?

Reliability, high performance, and durability are characteristics of such brands as Ridex, Stark Automotive, Continental, DAKAtec, Bosch, Valeo, SWF, and others.

How often is it necessary to replace the wiper blades on a Mazda 6?

The car manufacturer doesn’t specify the service life of the components but recommends changing them as they wear out. The signs of worn parts include:

  • wet or dirty streaks left after wiping;
  • cloudy glass;
  • unusual sounds when the system is in use;
  • wiping elements juddering.

Are the wiper blades for a Mazda 6 identical on the driver’s and passenger’s sides?

These components vary in design depending on the car production year and body style. For example, the length of the component on the driver’s side in cars of the GH generation varies in the range of 600–610 mm (23–24 inches) and on the passenger’s side from 400 to 410 mm (15-16 inches). The rear blade on the hatchbacks is 500 mm long (19 inches) while its length on the estate cars is 350 mm (13 inches).