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Replace Wheel bearing for HONDA in case of defects or service life expiry.

Wheel bearing HONDA is an important part of the suspension. Wheel bearing HONDA affect the correct operation of the entire system. Carry out timely replacements of the item, this is extremely important. If the part has been damaged or reached the end of its service life, order a new item at the best price in our online shop.

What types of wheel hub bearings are installed on Honda cars?

Models of this make are usually equipped with double-row components of HUB-I, HUB-II and HUB-III types. Balls are used as the rolling elements, and sometimes rollers. Many parts are equipped with a special magnet ring, designed for measuring the wheel rotation speed. Study your owner’s manual to find out the exact type of parts installed on your car. Besides, if you decide to purchase a part in our online shop, you can simply specify your car make, model and version and the system will choose all fitting parts automatically.

How often should these units be replaced on cars of this make?

The working life of this unit is mostly determined by vehicle operating conditions. On some cars, it withstands only a few hundreds of kilometres, while on the others – over 200,000 kilometres. That is why this unit is usually replaced as malfunctions occur.

Can I replace the wheel hub bearing on a Honda car myself?

No, it is advisable to visit a garage. The replacement procedure requires using special tools, like various pullers, bearing drivers, and torque wrenches. Also, you will need a jack and wheel chocks. Moreover, it is crucial to install the part properly, otherwise, it will break after just a few kilometres.

Does the replacement procedure for front and rear hub bearings differ?

Yes. The front and the rear suspension have different designs, which define the procedure for replacing a wheel hub bearing. Moreover, the steps you have to take depend on the construction of the part itself. For instance, the HUB-II type components are pressed into the hub, the HUB-I features a flange bolted to the hub, the HUB-III has two flanges for fastening to the wheel hub and the brake disc at the same time.

Can the wheel hub bearing be repaired on a Honda car?

No, these components can not be repaired. If they fail, they should be replaced.

Why do these parts break down?

The main causes of premature destruction of these parts are aggressive driving style, which comes with sharp accelerations and brakings, overloading the vehicle often, driving on rough roads. Damaging the bearing seal is also dangerous. When it becomes leaky, the lubricant escapes the unit leading to its wear-out and overheating, as well as corrosion of inner elements. Moreover, dirt and moisture ingress the mechanism, thus speeding up all the processes mentioned above. Another frequent cause for the breakdown is installation errors, for instance, when the part was misaligned before pressing in or the axle nut was overtightened.

How to find out that these components on my car are defective?

You should inspect this part when you can hear a specific humming from the wheels during driving, and it gets louder or disappears while cornering, the car pulls to one side, and you feel vibrations of the steering wheel and the body.

Can I drive a car with a broken wheel hub bearing?

No, you need to replace the part immediately, as if it is severely damaged, the wheel may block during driving. Then you might lose control over the vehicle which can lead to a car accident.

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