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Wheel bearing AUDI A4 rear and front

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Wheel bearing for AUDI A4: useful information

Technical information
  • Parts recommended for simultaneous replacement as part of a service kit
    • Wiper blade
    • Bump Stop, stub axle
    • Protection Lid, wheel hub
    • Shaft Seal, wheel hub
    • Seal, wheel hub
    • Nut, stub axle
List price of Wheel bearing for AUDI A4
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  • Maximum price £ 208,00

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How do I know when the hub bearings on my Audi A4 are faulty?

Signs of these car parts failing include:

  • humming, howling, grinding, and other strange sounds heard while driving;
  • the assembly gets overheated even after a short trip;
  • uneven tyre wear;
  • noticeable free play when you rock the wheel vertically on a jacked-up car;
  • steering wheel vibration;
  • knocking or crunching sounds when manoeuvring at under 60 km/h.

Can these components be repaired?

In most Audi A4 vehicles, the wheel hub unit can be disassembled. That enables you to install new elements separately and save significantly on the repair costs.

Can I replace wheel hub bearings on my Audi A4 on my own?

If you have the required car repair skills, follow this procedure:

  1. Jack up and secure the vehicle.
  2. Remove the wheel.
  3. Undo the hub nut.
  4. Detach electrical connectors from the ABS sensor.
  5. Remove the brake disc and calliper.
  6. Detach the hub assembly from the rest of the elements. Depending on the axle and vehicle design, these may include upper and lower suspension arms or tie rod ends.
  7. Remove the wheel hub from the vehicle. If you are working on the front one – remove it together with the steering knuckle and then extract the hub from it.
  8. Press out the bearing.
  9. Apply some copper grease to the outer side of the new component.
  10. Press the new bearing in using a special driver to avoid its deformation.
  11. Reassemble everything in reverse order observing the tightening torque specified by the car manufacturer.

What tools do I need for this job?

During the replacement process, you might need a jack or car lift, a socket set with a tap wrench, Torx keys, copper grease, bearing race and seal driver kit, lug nut socket, hammer and a torque wrench.

How often should I replace the wheel hub bearings on an Audi A4?

The lifespan of these components is 135,000 – 160,000 km, on average. Mechanical damage caused by hitting a road bump, driving on poor-quality roads or off-road might shorten it significantly. Vehicle customization like mounting larger wheels or stiffer shock absorbers and springs can cause the same result.