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VW LUPO parts and accessories online catalogue

Volkswagen LUPO car parts catalogue online
Models up to 2000
09/1998 - 07/2005
Car body type: Hatchback
Models from 2000 to 2005
Spare parts for VW Lupo II Hatchback (5Z1)
10/2003 - 12/2009
Car body type: Hatchback

Parts catalogue VW LUPO

  • VW LUPO Cat converter in original quality

    Catalytic converter

  • VW LUPO Brake rotors in original quality

    Brake discs

  • VW LUPO Cam belt kit in original quality

    Timing belt kit

  • VW LUPO Clutch set in original quality

    Clutch kit

  • VW LUPO Timing belt kit with water pump in original quality

    Timing belt and water pump

  • VW LUPO Wheel hub assembly in original quality

    Wheel hub

  • Original parts VW LUPO: Shocks

    Shock absorber

  • Original parts VW LUPO: Wheel bearings

    Wheel bearing

  • Original parts VW LUPO: Battery

    Car battery

  • Original parts VW LUPO: Drum brake kit

    Drum brake

  • Original parts VW LUPO: Brake pad set

    Brake pads

  • Original parts VW LUPO: Window mechanism

    Window regulator

  • Exhaust muffler Volkswagen LUPO online store

    Rear silencer

  • Windscreen wipers Volkswagen LUPO online store

    Windshield wipers

  • Half shaft Volkswagen LUPO online store

    Drive shaft

  • Oil filter Volkswagen LUPO online store

    Oil filter

  • Oxygen sensor Volkswagen LUPO online store

    Lambda sensor

  • Headlight Volkswagen LUPO online store


  • Engine spark plug LUPO

    Spark plug

  • Suspension arm LUPO

    Control arm

  • Ignition cable LUPO

    Ignition leads

  • Generator LUPO


  • Air filters LUPO

    Air filter

  • Coil pack LUPO

    Ignition coil

  • Suspension springs LUPO

    Coil springs

  • Fuel pump module assembly LUPO

    Fuel pump

  • Brake drum LUPO

    Brake drum

  • Engine starter LUPO

    Starter motor

  • Alternator belt LUPO

    V-ribbed belt

  • Middle exhaust LUPO

    Middle silencer

  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve LUPO

    EGR valve

  • Fuel filter LUPO

    Fuel filter

  • Cabin filter LUPO

    Pollen filter

  • Side mirror LUPO

    Wing mirror

  • Tie rod end LUPO

    Track rod end

  • Sway bar links LUPO

    Anti roll bar links

  • Caliper LUPO

    Brake caliper

  • Bump stops & Shock absorber dust cover LUPO

    Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops

  • Serpentine belt kit LUPO

    Poly v-belt kit

  • Throttle LUPO

    Throttle body

  • VW LUPO M+S tyres

    VW LUPO winter tyres

  • VW LUPO All season tyres

    VW LUPO all-season tyres

  • VW LUPO Car tyres

    Tyres for VW LUPO

  • Engine oil VW LUPO diesel and petrol

    Engine Oil

Technical data VW LUPO
  • Total number of models produced 2
  • Models currently produced -
  • First version of the model Lupo (6X1, 6E1)
  • First version produced in 1998
  • Engine installed on the first version 1.0, 1.4 16V, 1.7 SDI
  • Total number of engine versions produced 11
  • Engines currently produced -
  • Model with the most engine versions / 3L (6X1, 6E1)
  • Max. power [kW] 92
  • Min. power [kW] 37
  • Max. power [hp] 125
  • Min. power [hp] 50
  • Max. number of cylinders 4
  • Min. number of cylinders 3
  • Max. cylinder capacity (cc) 1716
  • Min. cylinder capacity (cc) 997
  • Max. engine displacement 1.7
  • Min. engine displacement 1.0
  • Engine displacement 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7
  • Engine type Diesel, Petrol Engine
  • Type of drive Front-Wheel Drive
  • Car body type Hatchback
  • Names of the model in other countries LUPO
  • Most frequently replaced consumables Brake pads, Brake discs, Oil filter, Air filter, Pollen filter, Windshield wipers, Shock absorber, Fuel filter, Engine oil, Anti roll bar links
  • Popular tyre sizes 155 65 r14, 155 70 r13, 195 45 r15, 185 55 r14, 175 60 r14
VW LUPO auto parts - Buying advice and Reviews

VW LUPO reviews and experiences

Specifically, our customers rated VW LUPO as follows:
  • Price
  • Build quality
  • Exterior design
  • Inside view
  • Ride height
  • Factory installed audio system
  • Luggage capacity
  • Climate control system
Controversy feature
  • Rear seats comfort
  • Price

    3 0
  • Build quality

    3 0
  • Exterior design

    6 1
  • Ride height

    1 3
  • Inside view

    6 0
  • Seating comfort

    1 0
  • Ergonomics

    1 0
  • Material quality

    4 2
  • Factory installed audio system

    1 2
  • Luggage capacity

    1 6
  • Rear seats comfort

    2 2
  • Interior transformations

    8 0
  • Climate control system

    0 1
  • Front seats comfort

    9 0
  • Interior space

    9 1
  • Head lights

    0 1
  • Sound insulation

    5 3
  • Suspension performance

    5 0
  • Steering response

    11 0
  • Convenient for travelling

    0 1
  • Cold start

    3 0
  • Fuel economy

    12 1
  • Car performance

    10 3
  • Brakes

    2 1
  • Steering feedback

    6 0
  • Gearbox

    5 1
  • Road stability

    4 1
  • Maneuverability

    18 0
  • Maintenance cost

    1 4
  • Services and parts availability

    0 2
  • Extra compartments

    1 0
  • Bodywork quality

    2 0


The Volkswagen Lupo model was produced from 1998 to 2005 in Germany and Belgium and was extremely popular due to affordable price. This vehicle is still one of the most demanded used cars. Moreover, it is the most affordable Volkswagen car – the perfect choice for those, who want tobuy a car from a well-known manufacturer cheaply. The twin of this model is Seat Arosa.

History of Volkswagen Lupo

The model is presented by one generation – 6X. This compact vehicle was created to replace the Polo, that has grown in sizes and weight. The model name means “wolf” in Italian. The car got this name in honour of Wolfsburg, the city where it was assembled. Apart from the low-cost E version, the expanded S configuration of the VWLupo hatchback was available. It had central locking, power windows and opening rear windows, as well as outer mirrors and door handles painted in body colour.

GTI modification with DOHC engine of 125 hp was offered. Moreover, Lupo 3Lwas on the market. Its distinctive feature was exceptionally low fuel consumption. For example, for 100 km of travel it needed only three liters of fuel. In addition, this modification was regarded as the most eco-friendly car according to German environmental institute ÖKO TREND.

Features of MKI Volkswagen Lupo cars

This model was produced in a 3-door hatchback version. Interior of this car is rather spacious despite vehicle compactness. Its length is only 3524 mm, width – 1640 mm, height – 1457 mm. The luggage compartment is small, but its capacity can be increased to 833 liters by folding the rear seats.

Smooth lines prevail in the car’s exterior. Particularly, it is noticeable in round outlines of headlights and turn indicators, mounted below. The radiator grille also has smoothed corners.

Interesting advertisement videos were created for promotion of the Volkswagen Lupo car. In them the manufacturer draws attention to the fact that the car is compact and spacious at the same time (the slogan was “It feels bigger than it is”).

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