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Replace a Spare part Turn Signal Light (Side Marker Lights) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Turn Signal Light (Side Marker Lights)

In the car there is such a part as turn indicator that has several functions. First, it is necessary the driver to be able to show the turn. When the turn indicator is activated on that side, where the driver will turn, it also warns other road users. After the turn is finished, the indicator switches off. Second, to warn about the danger, the warning light alarm system also includes turn indicator. It is worth to mention that in this case all turn indicators are on. A similar situation may occur for example when the driver decided suddenly to stop or when the car is a hindrance in the general flow of traffic.

Turn indicators are set depending on the type of the vehicle. For example, a typical passenger car is equipped with four indicators. But trucks have additional turn indicators mounted on the lateral sides. The most common malfunction of the turn indicator is failure of the bulb. Burned-out bulbs should be replaced as soon as possible. Of course, the best is to some similar parts in your car. But if the light was damaged in the accident, then it is necessary completely to replace the turn indicator. And it is better to be done in a repair shop. Still, there are many car owners who try to replace the indicator without any assistance, using just special tools and maintenance manual.

However, you won’t save a lot of money on replacement parts, such as radiator grille or turn indicator. Still, if ordering original car parts in online shop, you significantly save. You only need to know what kind of item you want to replace in the car and the brand of your car. The rest is very easy to do!

Turn Signal Light (Side Marker Lights) for MAZDA 626 IV Hatchback (GE), VW PASSAT Variant (3B5), NISSAN PICK UP (D21)

Malfunctions of the turn signal light
  • wiring wear;
  • contact break in the lamp holder;
  • sticking of the flasher contacts;
  • short circuit in the lighting system fuse;
  • blown bulb filaments;
  • damage to wires, oxidation of their tips or loosening of the wire connections;
  • a blown fuse in the turn indicators circuit;
  • mechanical damage.
Symptoms of indicator light faults
  • no signal light;
  • frequent burnout of lamp filaments;
  • accumulation of condensate in the unit:
  • absence of specific clicks during the turn indicators performance;
  • you cannot turn off the light signal;
  • the light falashing frequency has decreased or increased;
  • dim subtle light.
Causes of turn signal light faults
  • voltage drops in the circuit;
  • contamination of parts and components;
  • the impact of moisture on the element;
  • temperature changes;
  • overcharge voltage regulation.
Diagnostics of a turn signal light

As with every element of the car exterior, a turn signal light can be diagnosed by means of inspection. In the case of mechanical damage, replace the part. However, if the unit is intact, one should carry out a more thorough inspection. So, the cause of the light failure is often a blown lamp. It is possible that the failure is in the turn flasher fault. We recommend to close the relay contacts with a screwdriver or another metal object to confirm or deny the suspection. The best solution is to refer to a service station.

Replacing the indicator light

Due to the affordable pricing the part’s repair is irrelevant. To replace the lighting component, you will need:

  • disconnect a wire from the "minus" terminal of the battery;
  • move the indicator housing back;
  • then remove it from the fender;
  • squeeze the lock and disconnect the connector harness from the lamp socket and remove the turn indicator;
  • install a new light and do all the above steps in reverse order.

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