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automatic transmission filter for my car

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Automatic transmission filter for cars

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Replace a Spare part Automatic transmission filter – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Automatic transmission filter

Faults of the hydraulic filter

  • clogging of the filter;
  • deformation, damage to the valves;
  • breakdown of the compression spring.

Symptoms of hydraulic filter faults

  • uneven movement of the car;
  • uncharacteristic noises;
  • hindered inflow of the working fluid;
  • lacquer deposits, dirt;
  • pump cavitation;
  • rapid contamination of the oil;
  • increase in hydraulic resistance;
  • inadequate filtering;
  • too high level of filtering.

Causes of the hydraulic filter failure

  • high pressure impact;
  • dynamic change of oil consumption;
  • poor quality of the working fluid;
  • wrong oil selection;
  • poor quality of the filter elements;
  • untimely replacement of filter elements and oil.


You can make a visual diagnosis of the part. First note a deformation of the housing. Estimate the contamination degree of the filter element. Pollution is considered to be valid up to 75%, after exceeding this threshold the filter becomes yellow. Red indicates a critical filter pollution, which has reached 90%. For a more detailed analysis electronic diagnostics is needed, in which the filter indicator provides information on the status and faults to the on-board computer.

Repair and replacement of hydraulic filter

Repair of a hydraulic filter is a replacement of the filter element, and the hydraulic fluid. In reusable hydraulic filters the filter element can be replaced up to 15 times. After that you need to replace the filter. For fluid replacement you can use a syringe and tubes. Before installing the new part, spring clamp and gasket, thathold the filter, should be washed. If the gasket is worn out, you should make its replacement. Then you need to remove chips from the magnet and pour the liquid.

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