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Replace a Spare part Tail Lights (Rear Lights) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Tail Lights (Rear Lights)

Rear lights of modern cars are taillights and stop signals. Taillights are used to indicate the vehicles when it gets dark or there is limited visibility. Taillights light on together with stop-signals when it is bad visibility because of fog. In vehicle there is installed one pair on both sides of red lights on the same line. When necessary, driver can establish light and side viewing angles without any assistance.

Stop signals are the second component of rear lights. They are also red. They turn on when the driver presses the brake pedal. It is necessary to mention that stop signal’s light is brighter then light of taillights. As taillights this component is installed in pairs. By the way, in case of failure of stop signals, the driver shows by his hand that he wants to stop. When the driver wants to warn drivers and pedestrians of backing, he turns on rear lights. In USA in cars must be installed a lamp that emits white light. That is why carmakers face with many problems, exporting cars in Australia and New Zealand. The problem was solved when taillights’ and rear turn indicators’ functions were combined. There is no more such problem.

If stop signals or taillights fail, do not go to the repair shop. First, the cost of new car part will be very high. Second, it is not so difficult to replace the failed light as you think. If you need another spare car part for your car: radiator grille, oxygen sensor or a flywheel, you will find them in our online shop. Of course, you will save your money and time if ordering online.

Tail Lights (Rear Lights) for VW TRANSPORTER V Bus (7HB, 7HJ, 7EB, 7EJ, 7EF), OPEL ZAFIRA A (F75_), MERCEDES-BENZ S-CLASS (W140)

Faults of the rear light
  • oxidation or rusting of wires;
  • mechanical damage to the body;
  • voltage drop at the unit terminals;
  • LED burnout;
  • darkening of the reflector surface;
  • wiring wear;
  • short circuit and open circuit;
  • blown fuses;
  • loosening of the contacts in the lamp.
Symptoms of the rear light faults
  • frequent replacement of bulbs in the light;
  • condensation inside the structure;
  • a complete or partial failure of individual lights;
  • the flashing light or late switching on;
  • dim light;
  • recurring burnout of lamp filaments.
Causes of rear light faults
  • mechanical damage;
  • moisture ingress into the structure;
  • installation of mismatching parts;
  • considerably low environment temperature;
  • installation of low-quality components;
  • excessive voltage level;
  • contamination of the part;
  • frequent voltage drops in the circuit.
Diagnosis of rear light

You can independently check the status of the lighting element or contact experts at a service station. The first step is a visual inspection for obvious faults. Also check the condition of the lamp, the fuse plugs, the circuits, the relay coil. Whereas, the service station can immediately diagnose the problem by using a special device - a tester.

Repair of the rear light

One of the most frequent rear light issues is LEDs burnout. To solve this problem:

  • remove the light;
  • next you will see a block with LEDs and a control board (we recommend to check the status of the board);
  • cut a small hole in the back of the light, without hitting the fasteners;
  • remove the block with LEDs;
  • identify the faulty LEDs;
  • remove them (remember that they are welded by spot welding), replace by new ones;
  • install the LEDs in place, do not forget to seal the hole in the light.
Replacing rear light

If the item cannot be repaired, then you should make a replacement. To do this:

  • disconnect a wire from the "minus" terminal of the battery;
  • unfasten latches and open the service openings in the luggage compartment lining;
  • push up the latch and disconnect the connector harness from the rear light;
  • unscrew the replaceable part fastening nuts to the body;
  • withdraw from the contact with the mounting bracket clamp;
  • remove the light from the vehicle;
  • install a new auto part, do all the above actions in reverse order.

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