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Shock absorber VW GOLF rear and front

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Shock absorber for VW GOLF: useful information

Technical information
  • Parts recommended for simultaneous replacement as part of a service kit
    • Wiper blade
    • Dust cover kit, shock absorber
    • Camber bolt
    • Top strut mount
    • Suspension Kit, coil springs / shock absorbers
    • Coil spring
    • Seal, suspension strut bearing
    • Protective Cap / Bellow, shock absorber
    • Repair kit, suspension strut
    • Screw Kit, suspension strut / wheel bearing housing
    • Rubber Buffer, suspension
    • Mounting Set, suspension strut
    • Anti-Friction Bearing, suspension strut support mounting
    • Body
    • Supporting Ring, suspension strut bearing
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  • Maximum price £ 495,00

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What are the types of shock absorbers for Volkswagen Golf?

Depending on the version, trim level and production year, this model can be equipped with twin-tube hydraulic or monotube hydropneumatic shock absorbers. The former are cheaper and designed for relaxed driving. The latter are more suitable for versions with high-performance engines. Moreover, the components can vary in the type of fasteners, which should be considered when you buy the new part, otherwise it will be impossible to install it.

In addition, there are commercially available tuning parts, such as coilovers. Their design allows to adjust the suspension stiffness, ride height, and other important parameters in accordance with your driving style and vehicle operation conditions.

Does this model have the same shock absorbers in the front and in the rear?

No. Cars of the make have different front and rear suspensions, which determines the design of the dampers. For instance, in many versions, McPherson struts are installed on the front axle while the rear axle is equipped with shock absorbers. And even if the front suspension is made as an independent multilink one with separate shock absorbers, the parts on the front and the rear axle differ from one another in the length, diameter of the body, and piston rod travel. You need to consider this when choosing the parts.

How to replace shock absorbers on Volkswagen Golf?

Replacement of the components should be performed at a garage. Removal and installation of the parts may require special tools. In addition, before installing the new component, it’s important to compress and extend it several times.

Should shock absorbers be replaced in pairs on this model?

Yes, the parts should always be replaced in pairs on an axle. This will ensure stable operation of the suspension. Moreover, these components have approximately the same working lifespan, and usually, when one of the parts is worn, another one is likely to be out of order too.

How do I tell if it’s time to replace shock absorbers on Volkswagen Golf?

Impaired vehicle steerability and its swaying when driving on rough roads indicate that the service life of the components is ending. The car is shuddering more than usual when running over road irregularities. It may pull to one side. There may occur vibrations that are transmitted to the car body. The car loses its stability when maneuvering. The risk of skidding increases. Some drivers note uneven or premature tyre wear. In some cases, oil streaks can be seen on the shock absorber body.

Check of the parts is performed on special benches at a garage. Only this method allows to precisely assess their condition.

Shock absorbers of which brands are considered the best purchase for this model?

When choosing the components, opt for well-renowned companies such as Sachs, Monroe, STARK Automotive, Bilstein, RIDEX, Kyb, TRW, Kamoka, Mapco, Metzger, Magnum Technology, Diederichs, Optimal, and others.