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Engine oil 20W-20

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EAN: 4100420069642
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LIQUI MOLY Touring High Tech Engine Oil 20W-20, Capacity: 5l, Mineral Oil
  • Product line:  Touring High Tech
  • Oil Viscosity Classification SAE:  20W-20
  • Content [litre]:  5 Content [litre]5
  • Oil:  Mineral Oil
  • Specification:  ACEA E2, API SF, API CF
  • Manufacturer Approval:  MAN 270, MB 228.0
  • Packing Type:  Canister
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Characteristics of SAE 20W-20 motor oils

Lubricants of this viscosity are made for all-season use, but they are not suitable for areas with severe winters. They belong to energy saving products.

20W symbols stand for the temperature values when use of the product guarantees protection of the engine and oil pump at start: −15 °С and −20 °С correspondingly. At lower temperature values lubricants of this group get denser and freeze fully.

20 mark stands for high-temperature product qualities. According to it, the kinematic viscosity of SAE 20W-20 oil is the lowest for lubricants which are admitted for use in modern engines, and it varies within 5.6 – 9.3 mm2/s. The dynamic viscosity is 2.6 mPa⋅s.


  1. It is allowed to use only the products of the viscosity recommended by the car manufacturer.
  2. Replacement should be performed at a service station.

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