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Hummer is an American car brand under which powerful off-road vehicles were being produced from 1992 to 2010. Initially, the brand belonged to the AM General company but in 1998 it was purchased by the General Motors Corporation.

The Hummer vehicles

The first off-road vehicle manufactured under the brand Hummer was based on the military truck HMMWV. It didn’t differ much from its predecessor: it had no armour, was a different colour and was equipped with air conditioning system, better sound insulation and upholstery. The following models were built on the General Motors platforms. The production was set in the USA, China, Russia and The South African Republic in different years. There were also Hummer parts manufactured as well.

The model range of the company includes only powerful SUVs and pickup trucks. The available body styles are models with a hardtop of the soft convertible roof with four or five doors. The Alpha version has two rear doors. Made for private orders, there were also limousine versions based on the H2 model with seats for up to 22 people.

Advantages of the Hummer vehicles

  • Excellent off-road performance. The high clearance, being up to 406 mm in the first models, wide axle track which is 1819 mm and powerful engine enabled the car to ford 76 cm of water and drive 56 cm uphill. The tyre pressure could be adjusted by pushing a button in the cabin thus providing the maximum off-road performance of the car both on sand or in mud and comfortable driving on asphalt road.
  • Unusual body design. The Hummer vehicles look different from other SUVs. In the beginning, their appearance corresponded fully to their initial purpose and was characterised by the traits of a military vehicle: huge wheels, straight lines, body panels attached with uncovered rivets. On the whole, due to its rough and utility design, the Н1 appealed to many people. The designers did a great job updating the exterior of the later models, having made the car more gentle and civilian but preserving the general concept.
  • Spacious cabin and luggage compartment. Five bulky passengers can sit comfortably in the car. The trunk capacity of some versions reaches 2452 l.
  • High level of comfort. These were comfortable seats with a good side support, trimmed with leather and a large number of adjustable positions. The hydraulic power steering system provides the ease of control even on bad roads. The two-zone climate control maintains comfortable temperature and humidity inside the car regardless of weather conditions. The air suspension clear rough terrain well making driving smooth.

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