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Replace Gear shifter for AUDI in case of defects or service life expiry.

What causes gear levers on Audi cars to break down?

The working lifespan of the component depends on the transmission type and your driving style. The part for a manual transmission breaks down more often than that installed on an automatic one. It can become unusable due to natural wear of its elements, mechanical damage or excessive force applied when shifting gears. Due to careless use, this part can lose its normal look.

How to tell if the part is faulty on a car of this brand?

The symptoms of failure:

  • extra effort is needed to shift gears;
  • free play of the lever, which makes it difficult to select the desired gear;
  • rattling, knocking and screeching noises when shifting gears;
  • gear disengagement.

If any of these signs occur, visit a car service station immediately for diagnostics and repair. Driving a car with a malfunctioning gear lever can result in a road accident.

Is it possible to repair an Audi gear lever without replacement?

You can polish the component’s knob if it has scratches on it, or replace its boot. To this end, remove the trim elements, the fasteners of the boot, unscrew the knob (on a manual gearbox) or release the fasteners (on an automatic gearbox), remove the boot and replace it with a new one.

In other cases, the whole gear lever assembly should be replaced. Before starting the work, read your vehicle’s repair guide, as the replacement steps may vary depending on the car model. Before installing new parts, be sure to grease them.

Are there different types of the components for cars of this make?

Yes, the parts can have a specific design depending on the transmission type and on the car model and version. They can be:

  • Standard, without any additional elements. For manual transmissions.
  • Of a complex design, with various buttons. For automatic transmissions.

As for the material, there are metal, wooden, and plastic gear levers. The covers and boots can be made of rubber, or faux or natural leather.

In addition, the parts can differ by a mounting type. A gear lever knob for a manual gearbox is screwed onto a threaded part of the rod. Gear selectors for automatic transmissions are attached with the help of various fasteners: pin-type, spring-type, or with locking screws.

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