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Replace a Spare part Transmission Oil (Gear Oil) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Transmission Oil (Gear Oil)

Signs showing that transmission oil should be refilled

  • impaired gear shift
  • incorrect working range of automatic transmission
  • unusual sounds when shifting gears
  • reduction in engine dynamics
  • wedge of the gear shifting lever

Causes of accelerated transmission oil wear out

  • usage of low-quality oil
  • usage of lubricant substances with metal or methyl additives
  • usage of an oil brand inappropriate for a particular car model
  • choice of high viscosity oil at low ambient temperatures
  • leakage due to mechanical malfunctions
  • ingress of dirt, dust or small foreign objects into the system
  • impact of active substances  on oil


To check oil level in a system, it is necessary to open the cover and put dipstick inside the hole. Oil level should not be lower than 6 mm from reservoir bottom. If there is noticeable leak or gear box performance degradation, it is necessary to add oil or have its full replacement. It is recommended to refill transmission oil every six months.

Be sure to evaluate oil color and condition. If it has completely discolored, has black color, impurities of metal substances or it bubbles, then a thorough transmission diagnostics is needed.

It is strongly recommended to use low viscosity oil in sub-zero temperatures, and oils of high viscosity at temperatures of +30 oC and higher.

Replacement of transmission oil

For oil refill it is necessary to place a car on a lift platform or drive it to a service pit. After this, turn engine off and leave a car for 15-20 minutes.

Then open transmission drain cover. Drain used oil to a prepared container. Tighten the  cap and pour new oil inside through the filler opening.

It is recommended to pour oil of room temperature, so it will locate correctly in the system. List of recommended oil brands and viscosity choice advice can be found in the car technical documentation.

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