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parts FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _) and accessories

Ford TRANSIT TOURNEO (FC_ _) car parts catalogue online
Online Catalog auto parts FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _) used and new

Car parts for FORD TRANSIT TOURNEO (FC_ _)

Auto parts for FORD TRANSIT FC_ _ 2.0 L

Parts catalogue FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

  • Dashboard bulbs FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _) in original quality


  • Front windscreen FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _) in original quality


  • Water pump gasket FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _) in original quality

    Water pump gasket

  • Valve guide / stem seal / parts FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _) in original quality

    Valve guide / stem seal / parts

  • Valve cotter FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _) in original quality

    Valve cotter

  • Turbo gasket FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _) in original quality

    Turbo gasket

  • Original parts FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _): Towbar electric kit

    Towbar electric kit

  • Original parts FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _): Floor mats

    Tailored car mats

  • Original parts FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _): Skid plate

    Skid plate

  • Original parts FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _): Side window glass

    Side window

  • Original parts FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _): Shaft seal, differential

    Shaft seal, differential

  • Original parts FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _): Rubber strip, exhaust system

    Rubber strip, exhaust system

  • Ford TRANSIT TOURNEO (FC_ _) Reverse light bulb online store

    Reverse light bulb

  • Ford TRANSIT TOURNEO (FC_ _) Repair kit, injection nozzle online store

    Repair kit, injection nozzle

  • Ford TRANSIT TOURNEO (FC_ _) Rear-end cowling online store

    Rear-end cowling

  • Ford TRANSIT TOURNEO (FC_ _) Rear window glass online store

    Rear window

  • Ford TRANSIT TOURNEO (FC_ _) Racing brake pads online store

    Racing brake pads

  • Ford TRANSIT TOURNEO (FC_ _) Propshaft bearing online store

    Propshaft bearing

  • Performance clutch Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Performance clutch

  • Performance brake discs Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Performance brake discs

  • Oil filter housing Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Oil filter housing

  • Number plate light bulb Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Number plate light bulb

  • Multifunctional relay Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Multifunctional relay

  • Mirror adjustment switch Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Mirror adjustment switch

  • Intermediate bearing, drive shaft Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Intermediate bearing, drive shaft

  • Hose, heat exchange heating Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Hose, heat exchange heating

  • Hose, fuel overflow Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Hose, fuel overflow

  • Fuel rail Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Fuel rail

  • Freewheel gear, starter Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Freewheel gear, starter

  • Egr valve gasket Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Egr valve gasket

  • EGR cooler Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    EGR cooler

  • Drive chain Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Drive chain

  • Door light Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Door light

  • Deflection / guide pulley, v-belt Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Deflection / guide pulley, v-belt

  • Cover, fog light Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Cover, fog light

  • Coolant circuit seals Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Coolant circuit seals

  • Control valve, compressor Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Control valve, compressor

  • Cargo area lights Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Cargo area lights

  • Brake set, drum brakes Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Brake set, drum brakes

  • Brake pad fitting kit Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)

    Brake pad fitting kit

  • Snow tyres for FORD TRANSIT

    Winter tyres

  • All season tyres for FORD TRANSIT

    All-season tyres

  • Tyres for FORD TRANSIT


  • Buy Engine Oil for FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _) online

    Engine Oil

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Technical data FORD Transit Tourneo (FC_ _)
  • Models currently produced 2.0
  • Max. Power [kW] 92
  • Min. Power [kW] 55
  • Max. Power [hp] 125
  • Min. Power [hp] 75
  • Max. number of cylinders 4
  • Min. number of cylinders 4
  • Max. engine displacement 2.0
  • Min. engine displacement 2.0
  • Max. cylinder capacity (cc) 1998
  • Min. cylinder capacity (cc) 1998
  • Engine type Diesel
  • Type of drive Front-Wheel Drive