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Exhaust for AUDI

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What are the typical malfunctions of the exhaust system in Audi cars?

Elements of this unit are continuously exposed to high temperature and aggressive environment. This often causes breakdown of the silencer, catalytic converter, and oxygen sensor. Failures of the first element:

  • burning-through and corrosion;
  • damaged silencer mounts, hangers or clamps;
  • loosening of fasteners.

Typical failures of the catalytic converter:

  • clogging, destruction or melting of the monolithic substrate;
  • corrosion and deformation of the housing.

Failures of the oxygen (lambda) sensor:

  • breakdown of the heater;
  • oxidation of contacts;
  • soiling and burning-through of the sensor tip.

Which exhaust system components are replaced most often on these cars?

The most vulnerable element is the catalytic converter. Its average lifespan is 150,000 km and depends on the vehicle’s operating conditions. Its service life can be shortened due to ingress of engine oil in the fuel line or use of poor-quality fuel, for instance, leaded or containing metal additives. Moreover, careless driving style leads to mechanical damage. Sometimes, a thermal shock occurs due to an abrupt cooling of the component when driving in rainy weather.

A faulty part is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Mainly, you should purchase a new component in case of engine power loss, its unstable operation, increased fuel consumption, and strong hydrogen sulphide smell in the car cabin.

When the whole exhaust system should be replaced on Audi?

As a rule, the working condition of the exhaust system can be restored by replacing a faulty part: the flexible pipe, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, or fasteners. However, on many modern cars, these elements are made as a single welded unit, which combines 2 or 3 parts. In this case, apart from a broken component, a bigger part of the assembly is to be replaced. Moreover, specialists recommend installing a new exhaust system assembly if you purchase a used vehicle older than ten years.

Is it possible to replace the entire assembly on these cars yourself?

It is recommended to entrust this laborious procedure to specialists of a garage. However, if you have specific tools and car repair skills, you can perform the replacement of some faulty elements yourself. Before you get started, study your vehicle’s service and repair guide. Usually, the silencer replacement includes the following steps:

  1. Set the vehicle on a car lift and secure it.
  2. Clean all fasteners of dirt, treat them with an anti-corrosion agent, WD-40, for instance.
  3. Loosen all fasteners using a proper box spanner.
  4. Disconnect the flange connector of the resonator from the exhaust pipe and remove it.
  5. Holding the housing, release the clamps retaining the silencer and remove it, then install a new one.
  6. Assemble all the parts in the reverse order.

In order to replace the resonator, disconnect its pipes from the engine side or catalytic converter and silencer. Next, remove the component from its mounts and remove it together with the pipes. New part is installed in the reverse order.