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Steering and chassis components are considered to be parts of reliability of any car that were manufactured and assembled with a great care. Pivot rod joint is designed to create a secure connection and to give a reliable help between the wishbone on the front half axle and half axle body. Pivot rod joint is mounted on the end of the triangular wishbone suspension, mounted or suspended in an upright position. The installation height is fixed and controlled by a ball end pin. It can be in a form of a cylindrical rod with a ball mounting. Sealing corrugated tubes are constantly filled with special grease. Ball joint moves freely. It should not be too flexible. It must have noise isolation means and go without maintenance.

Suspension joint is located on the opposite side relative to the connecting joint, which is installed in the knuckle. It absorbs the forces acting in all directions. Suspension joint can be installed both in vertical and in hanging positions. The ball pin with a ball produces a sliding motion between the pre-strained and always lubricated plastic covers. The cover is mainly fixed in the torque transmission rod and ball pin is located directly at the knuckle over its ball. This bearing assembly does not require any maintenance. Tight corrugated tube is filled with special grease that prevents this part from dirt and water.

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Drive Shaft Coupling for CITROËN C5 I (DC_), SUZUKI SWIFT II Hatchback (EA, MA),

Faults of independent suspension joint
  • wear of the mounting holes or gaskets;
  • corrosion of joint;
  • cracks in the casing;
  • wear of elastic ring;
  • extension of the case spring.
Symptoms of independent suspension joint faults
  • hindered rotation of the steering wheel ( much more effort must be put for turning);
  • knocking and crackling of the suspension;
  • squeaks and rattle when you turn the steering wheel;
  • increase in the body vibration overcoming the road holes.
Causes of independent suspension joint faults
  • contamination of the part;
  • installation of low-quality components;
  • the poor quality of the road surface;
  • mechanical damage;
  • moisture ingress.
Diagnostics of independent suspension joint

First it should be inspected to ensure no corrosion and mechanical damage to the part. Then you can run the car test, performing maneuvers at low speed. Background noise will determine a problem with the item. The most effective way to diagnose is the joint inspection on the lift. The wheels of the car, being in suspended state, are necessary to roll. Normally, the wheels should be firmly planted, resist rolling. Do not forget to inspect the joint rubber bellows and spring washers. Corrosion often occurs on these components.

Replacement and repair of independent suspension joint

Note that after the fault diagnosis you will have two options:

  • first is to restore the joints, for example, try to correct the play (it is a few millimeters) between the ball stud and the joint housing;
  • second is the part replacement.

Replacing this element should be done every 40 thousand kilometers. To replace the joint, you should remove the wheel of the car, loosen the joint nut and mounting bolts. Next, install the puller and press the ball stud out of the suspension arm. Then you need to avert the arm and remove the element that requires replacement. Install a new joint, first applying high quality sealant to the arm surface.

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