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Control arm ALFA ROMEO rear and front

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What suspension arms types are compatible with Alfa Romeo cars?

The part type depends on the vehicle’s production year and model. As a rule, these cars are equipped with trailing and control arms made from aluminium or cast iron. Depending on the mounting type, control arms can be straight or A-type also known as wishbone. The former have two attachment points, the latter three. Depending on their mounting location, there are upper and lower control arms.

What is the difference between steel and alloy components?

The steel parts are simple in maintenance and can be repaired. They aren’t necessarily to be replaced in case of a suspension malfunction. To continue using the assembly, it is enough to install new bushes and a ball joint. These parts are prone to corrosion.

Due to their lightness, the alloy parts don't add to the vehicle’s weight and don’t affect the suspension stiffness. They are resistant to corrosion, however have a short working lifespan and can not be repaired. If this kind of part fails, it should be replaced as an assembly.

How to tell if suspension arms of my Alfa Romeo need replacement?

A failure can be detected by indirect symptoms. Breakdown of the front component can be indicated by:

  • car pulling to one side;
  • accelerated or uneven tyre wear;
  • difficult steering;
  • foreign sounds when driving off-road and steering.

Symptoms of a broken rear component:

  • rattling and screeching sounds when driving;
  • the car body sways when manoeuvering.

Visit a car service station to diagnose the malfunction of the part correctly.

What factors affect the working lifespan of these parts and how to extend it?

An average working lifespan is 150,000–200,000 kilometres. It can be reduced due to the following reasons:

  • off-road use of the car;
  • aggressive driving style;
  • driving with worn bushes and ball joints, and faulty shock absorbers.

To make the components last longer, avoid overloading the assembly beyond the allowable limit. Be sure to replace the bushes and fasteners in due time.

Can I replace suspension arms on Alfa Romeo myself?

Entrust this procedure to specialists of a car service station. The process is quite labour-consuming and involves using special equipment, for instance, a tool for removing bushes and ball joints. Take into account that the fasteners of rubber-metal bushes should be tightened only when the car is standing on a flat surface. If you do this on a lifted car, they will break down fast.

Should these parts be replaced in pairs on one axle?

Yes, they should. If one of the components on an axle is broken, both should be replaced. Specialists recommend replacing all parts at a time, if possible, otherwise the worn components may accelerate the wear of the new ones.