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Find Wind deflectors that will fit your car

Wind deflectors help to prevent ingress of dust, wind flows, sunrays or raindrops into the car passenger compartment through the open window. They are installed on the side windows in the upper parts of the car door frames.

Types of car wind deflectors

According to the fastening type, there are the following deflectors:

  • Laid-on. They can be attached, using a double-sided adhesive tape, to the outer side of the door opening, or with an adhesive acrylic tape which is located between the frame and seal. The first method is considered the simplest, but less reliable.
  • Insert-type. These products are installed by putting their edge into the same groove, where the glass comes in. Such deflectors look more esthetic, but can interfere with operation of some window raisers types, not allowing to fully close the windows. Moreover, it is not recommended to mount these elements on the cars where the power windows are equipped with the anti-pinch system.

According to the production material, deflectors can be:

  • Plastic. They have high flexibility.
  • Made of chromed metal. They are notable for durability.
  • Combined. These are plastic products with a chromed edging.

Wind deflector sets are available on sale. They can contain two parts, made for the front side windows only, or four – for all the windows.

Tips on car wind deflectors use

Installation of the products can be performed single-handedly. Before installation, it is advised to make sure that the dimensions and shape of the deflectors fully comply with parameters of your car and do not interfere with window raisers operation.

The products should only be installed on a clean surface and at above-zero environmental temperature. It is recommended to de-grease the doorframe in advance, using a spirit wipe. This will provide better adhesion of the part.

After mounting, make sure that the item is securely fixed. A poorly attached wind deflector can be torn away during driving at strong wind. In this case, there is the risk to not only damage your own car, but also make a damage to other road users.

The products do not require special care; they can be cleaned the same way as the car body – with the help of a sponge and special cleaning agents. Usually, deflectors can well withstand automated car wash, but in case of improper fastening they can be torn away under the high pressure washing. professional assistance

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