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Tyre repair kit

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Puncture repair kit EZ SEAL 211297 for FORD, VW, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW
Tyre repair 211297
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Article №: 211297
EZ SEAL Tyre repair
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Car puncture repair kit KUNZER AIRMAN-SK06 for FORD, VW, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW
Tyre repair AIRMANSK06
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Article №: AIRMAN-SK06
KUNZER Tyre repair with cigarette lighter plug
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£ 150,06
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Tyre puncture repair kit VICMA 630 for FORD, VW, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW
Tyre repair 630

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Article №: 630
VICMA Tyre repair 5
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Car tyre repair kit Continental 17120420000 for FORD, VW, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW
Tyre repair 17120420000
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Article №: 17120420000
Continental Tyre repair Observe suitable tyre sizes, To be used exclusively for car tyres, with mounting manual, with protective gloves, with storage bag, 450ml
  • Contents [ml]:  450
  • Filling hose length [m]:  0,5
  • Sealant Shelf Life [years]:  5
  • Supplementary Article/Info 2:  with mounting manual, with storage bag, with protective gloves, To be used exclusively for car tyres, Observe suitable tyre sizes
  • Air Compressor:  with air compressor
  • Condition:  New
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£ 90,74
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Tyre puncture is a widespread defect which can quickly make the car inoperative. Special tyre repair kits will help to repair it even if there are no tyre repair stations nearby. With the help of them you can restore tyre hermeticity without lifting device, as well as wheel removal and tyre debeading in most cases.

Types of tyre repair kits

According to the type of tyres repaired there are:

  • Kits for tubed tyres. Usually they include patches, which are rubber tapes, and self-vulcanizing solution.
  • Kits for tubeless tyres. They consist of plugs and a number of tools. Thus, the kit can include the scraper for preliminary surface cleaning, the reamer tool for preparing the punctured place for repair, the plug insertion tool, the knife for cutting excess material. Moreover, kits often include glue and degreaser.

Kits for tubeless tyres differ in the plug type. This element can be:

  • Nylon. It is a cord treated with butyl rubber. Kits with such plugs are usually cheap, but puncture repairing is made for a short term.
  • Rubber. It is more durable in comparison with nylon, but mounting should be performed carefully because there’s the risk to damage the plug.

The manufacturers offer not only common straps but also products in the form of anchor. A patch is located at the end of such plug, which is fixed on the other side of the tyre, providing better hermeticity. Such repair is the most effective but special tools can be required.

Tips on tyre repair kits use

  1. Before starting works remove the foreign object from the tyre, if it is, and then clean the surface from soiling, degrease if it is possible. Find the place of puncture, watering the tyre. At the damaged place bubbles will appear.
  2. The kits are used for repairing punctures in the tread area only. For repairing sidewall damages you must  take your car to the tyre repairing station.
  3. The diameter of puncture shouldn’t be more than 5 mm. Otherwise DIY repair won’t be possible. You will have to use a spare wheel.
  4. Pressure in the tubeless tyre should be 0.5 atm beforerepairing.
  5. Try to use only those instruments which are included into the tyre repairing kit. But if there’s no special knife for cutting excess plug, you can use a box-cutter.
  6. Don’t use a reamer rasp in order not to damage the rubber plug during repairing.

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