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Car dog crates & dog carriers

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Dog car crate JOLLYPAW 7721852 for FORD, VW, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW
Dog carrier 7721852
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Article №: 7721852
JOLLYPAW Dog carrier Length: 86cm, Width: 61cm, Height: 65cm, Light Grey, Silver, Aluminium
  • Colour:  Light Grey, Silver
  • Size:  M-L
  • Length [cm]:  86
  • Width [cm]:  61
  • Height [cm]:  65
  • Material:  Aluminium
  • Permissible total weight from [kg]:  11 (M), 26 (L)
  • Permissible total weight to [kg]:  25 (M), 49 (L)
  • Condition:  New
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Dog travel crate JOLLYPAW 7721853 for FORD, VW, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW
Dog carrier 7721853
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Article №: 7721853
JOLLYPAW Dog carrier Length: 78cm, Width: 92cm, Height: 64cm, Light Grey, Silver, Aluminium
  • Colour:  Light Grey, Silver
  • Size:  L
  • Length [cm]:  78
  • Width [cm]:  92
  • Height [cm]:  64
  • Material:  Aluminium
  • Permissible total weight from [kg]:  26
  • Permissible total weight to [kg]:  49
  • Condition:  New
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Pet carriers provide comfort and safety to four-legged pets while you travel. In such carriers the pet will stay comfortable and will be able to see what is happening around. During this he won’t soil passenger compartment and distract you from driving. Moreover, use of the carrier reduces the risk of animal’s injury at extreme maneuvering or road accident.

Types of pet carriers

  • Textile bags. These are the items with a frame, which are made of durable breathable fabrics. Usually, these accessories are placed in the passenger compartment, for instance, fastened to the seat headrest with the help of a belt. Many bags have mesh windows so your pet could get a good view of the world. Most of all, such accessories are equipped with handles and used for transportation of small pets in the car or outside of it.
  • Metal cages. These are durable constructions, that usually have a wide door, which makes them perfect for transportation of large pets. These accessories provide excellent ventilation and, depending on dimensions, can be installed in the passenger compartment, as well as in the luggage compartment of hatchbacks and estate cars.
  • Plastic boxes. These are reliable containers which are easy-to-clean. They are suitable for transportation of small and medium pets, which are easily placed on a seat, or in the luggage compartment. These items have numerous holes for ventilation and mostly equipped with detachable water bowl or bottle. Moreover, there are boxes in the sale with rollers and a long handle, which allow to use the accessories on the street.

Tips on pets carriers use

The carrier with a pet should be fastened securely, for which many manufacturers equip their products with belts. Moreover, the items often have latches, allowing to use car seat belts.

Do not use the accessory, which does not correspond to the size and weight of the pet. Recommended parameters are specified by the manufacturing company. During the long trip you should open the carrier allowing the pet to stretch his legs and give him water every two hours.

The products should be cleaned in accordance with the production material and manufacturer’s recommendations. For instance, many textile carriers for pets are equipped with a removable cover, which can be cleaned with the help of washing-machine at a specific temperature. The plastic and metal constructions can be cleaned with wet sponge and detergents. Some items are provided with mats which keep the carrier clean and make cleaning easier.

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