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Car parts for CADILLAC

Cadillac is a North American company producing luxury cars, the export of which is established to more than 50 countries. Cadillac is in the greatest demand in Canada and the United States. Soon after its founding, the enterprise became a part of General Motors Company.

Cadillac cars

Cadillac is the second US car manufacturer after Buick, also located in Detroit, that years later would be the world's largest center for the automotive industry. The entrepreneur Henry Leland founded it in 1902, and named after his ancestor Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac, who had founded Detroit.

Cadillac has gained leadership in the production of cars that have become a symbol of luxury. One step ahead many competitors, Cadillac designers introduced to the public a variety of unique solutions: a united electrical system, synchronized manual gearbox, the first air-conditioner, a steel roof instead of wood.

It is in these luxury cars that technology of "remembering" the position of elements was first applied: after ignition start a mechanism came into effect, which regulated the position of the driver's seat and steering wheel. After the engine stopped running the seat and the steering wheel went in different directions, providing a comfortable exit from the car.

Besides, Cadillac set the standard in the production of automobile engines with its benchmark motors V8, V12 and V16.

Nowadays, under the Cadillac brand mostly sedans and coupes, crossovers and SUVs are produced.

Cadillac Advantages

  • a perfect balance of power and vehicle weight;
  • recognizable luxury body design;
  • high level of cabin sound isolation;
  • impeccable assembly and trimming quality;
  • smooth, mild motion;
  • maximum convenience of the driver and passengers;
  • reliable braking system.

Even a standard set of the latest Cadillac models’ options include on-board computer, which makes driving easy and comprehensive.

Best Cadillac auto parts

The Cadillac lineup is the embodiment of image and style, individuality and presentability. Are your dreams embodied in this American luxury car? Then we are ready to offer you first-class and durable auto parts for your Cadillac.

We will advise you how to make your car perfect, without spending a fortune on it. With the help of smart navigation system of our online store, you can quickly choose the parts you need and buy components for your Cadillac. A wide choice of goods and reasonable prices will be a pleasant surprise. Want more information? Call us, and our technical support team will answer all your questions about the Cadillac models.

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