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BREMBO Brake pads

Brake pads rear and front from BREMBO - original car sparesBrake pads BREMBO front and rear
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Reviews of BREMBO Brake pad set
BREMBO: Brand's rating


7.92 /10

Reviews - 3664

10 (1088)
9 (1014)
8 (1040)
7 (213)
6 (35)
5 (22)
4 (1)
3 (0)
2 (2)
1 (1)
Parameters rating +11763 Advantages Disadvantages 661-
Product cost +3196 102-
Product quality +2834 115-
Packaging quality +1552 117-
Manufacturer +1820 185-
Warranty +2361 142-
Customer reviews
P 85 072X review

BREMBO P 85 072X

I have previously had these pads and they are a huge improvement over the stock pads. Pads work under any condition and have little to no brake fade :) 10/10
P 50 074 review

BREMBO P 50 074

I picked these because I've used them before and whilst I'm no expert they seem to work really well. Not hit anything in ages!
P 85 153 review

BREMBO P 85 153

I fitted this model on my previous car volvo v60,and found it excellent in wear and performance, Well worth the extra cost.
P 24 161 review

BREMBO P 24 161

I choose this product because, a car with this much power needs good brakes and brembo is superior when it comes to brakes
P 24 075 review

BREMBO P 24 075

I choose this product as a car with this much power needs good brakes to stop. Brembo is superior when it comes to brakes
P 61 112 review

BREMBO P 61 112

The p61112 brake pads will not fit peugeot508sw gt 2.2 hd. They will not fit a the discs are 340mm!!
P 09 004 review

BREMBO P 09 004

It was the same brake discs as originally fitted to my Tesla Model S 85 (2014)
P 06 024 review

BREMBO P 06 024

More people bought this than the alternatives. Not cheap/not expensive.
P 06 025 review

BREMBO P 06 025

More people bought this than the alternatives. Not cheap/not expensive.
P 61 075 review

BREMBO P 61 075

it is very good quality. I have 3 cars and always buy Brembo brake pads
P 61 069 review

BREMBO P 61 069

A known brand matching the specification at a reasonable price
P 85 154 review

BREMBO P 85 154

brembo is a good quality brand, and also prcie was good
P 61 066 review

BREMBO P 61 066

Great brand at only slightly more cost than a budget brand
P 49 050 review

BREMBO P 49 050

Replacing previous pads and was happy with the first set
P 85 020 review

BREMBO P 85 020

a company known for its excellent quality of products
P 06 096 review

BREMBO P 06 096

Bought these to compliment the Brembo discs for BMW
P 56 046 review

BREMBO P 56 046

i chose these items as they have a good reputation
P 86 016 review

BREMBO P 86 016

Excellent value for the money and performance!
P 28 076 review

BREMBO P 28 076

Good quality product which I have used before
P 16 013 review

BREMBO P 16 013

well known manufacturer,good quality product
Catalogue of manufacturers BREMBO: Brake pads front and rear Top categories
  • BREMBO Brake discs Brake discs
  • Brake caliper repair kit Brake caliper repair kit
  • Drum brake Drum brake
  • Brake caliper Brake caliper
  • Brake pad wear sensor Brake pad wear sensor
  • BREMBO Suspension ball joint Suspension ball joint
  • Handbrake Handbrake
  • Brake hose Brake hose
  • Brake shoes Brake shoes
  • Brake caliper bolt Brake caliper bolt
  • BREMBO Brake fluid Brake fluid
  • Handbrake shoes Handbrake shoes
  • Clutch master cylinder Clutch master cylinder
  • Brake master cylinder Brake master cylinder
  • Brake drum Brake drum
  • BREMBO Wheel cylinder Wheel cylinder
  • Clutch slave cylinder Clutch slave cylinder
  • Central slave cylinder clutch Central slave cylinder clutch
  • Brake caliper piston Brake caliper piston
  • Brake power regulator Brake power regulator

Learn more about Brembo brake pads

The company was founded in 1961 in the Italian city of Paladina. In 1964 the manufacturer started producing the first brake discs, and then Brembo brake pads appeared. These parts belong to the premium segment. The brand assortment includes about 1200 models of different components which are suitable for 98% of all cars produced in Europe. Company products are manufactured at the factories in 16 countries, particularly, in Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, India, China, Japan, Poland, Spain, Mexico, the USA.


The manufacturer offers the suitable spare parts for different types of cars:

  • for cars participating in races;
  • for urban transport.

You can also buy Brembo brake pads with friction linings made of different materials:

  • Components on the basis of metal powders with synthetic additives.
  • Products made on the basis of organic compounds.

In addition, the parts can be equipped with a mechanical or electronic wear sensor or provide its installation place.

In the manufacturer product range there are spare parts with other additional elements, for example, fasteners.

4 facts about Brembo brake pads

  1. The pads are characterized by high efficiency and promote decreasing of the braking distance.
  2. The pads undergo heat treatment during production process. It allows to significantly reduce time of parts bedding-in.
  3. The products are equipped with special gaskets which reduce noise and vibration level at braking and as well as caliper heating.
  4. The components are certified according to the European standards ECE – R90. It means that they passed many tests including ones at extreme temperatures and at high speed driving. — your online-assistant in the world of spare parts

Register on in order to buy high quality brake pads of the Italian brand. Low prices and profitable promotions are waiting for you in our online-shop. Save money with no troubles – choose the appropriate model in the catalogue and place your order today.

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