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ATE Brake pads front and rear

Brake pads ceramic and metallic from ATE - original car sparesBrake pads ATE front and rear
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Reviews of ATE Brake pad set
ATE: Brand's rating


7.81 /10

Reviews - 7556

10 (2040)
9 (2143)
8 (2219)
7 (772)
6 (130)
5 (74)
4 (6)
3 (7)
2 (7)
1 (6)
Parameters rating +26374 Advantages Disadvantages 2491-
Product cost +6902 405-
Product quality +6170 472-
Packaging quality +3737 417-
Manufacturer +4300 652-
Warranty +5265 545-
Customer reviews
13.0470-3838.2 Brake pads ATE review

ATE Brake pads 13.0470-3838.2

Excellent pads!! Excellent performance and NO DUST WHATSOEVER!! Well worth the extra cost for people who hate sooty wheels!!
13.0460-5813.2 Brake pads ATE review

ATE Brake pads 13.0460-5813.2

This product is among the absolute best to buy, Good quality braking and they last long enough!
13.0470-7256.2 Brake pads ATE review

ATE Brake pads 13.0470-7256.2

No BLACK dust , wheels look cleaner for longer and the last set seemed to have a good bite.
13.0470-7244.2 Brake pads ATE review

ATE Brake pads 13.0470-7244.2

I had front pads from you, they a brilliant, better brake feel, less dust !!
13.0460-7266.2 review

Brake pad set ATE 13.0460-7266.2

ATE are an OEM and my go to brand for brake parts
13.0460-7184.2 review

Brake pad set ATE 13.0460-7184.2

Research shows ATE pads are a guality product
13.0470-2732.2 review

Brake pad set ATE 13.0470-2732.2

Good braking efficiency, and low dust !!!
13.0470-7193.2 review

Brake pad set ATE 13.0470-7193.2

less brake dust and longer lasting brakes
13.0460-2736.2 review

ATE 13.0460-2736.2

Same as Volvo original but 50% cheaper
13.0460-7090.2 review

ATE 13.0460-7090.2

They're the OEM and the best
13.0460-7264.2 review

ATE 13.0460-7264.2

Best score in ADAC tests.
13.0460-7262.2 review

ATE 13.0460-7262.2

Best score in ADAC tests.
13.0460-7289.2 review

ATE 13.0460-7289.2

As originally fitted
13.0470-2613.2 review

ATE 13.0470-2613.2

Perfect, best ever
13.0460-2726.2 review

ATE 13.0460-2726.2

Excellent quality
13.0460-2765.2 review

ATE 13.0460-2765.2

Good quality
13.0460-2770.2 review

ATE 13.0460-2770.2

Good quality
13.0460-7298.2 review
13.0470-3871.2 review

ATE Disc pads for Top Models

ATE Brake pads brand line
Catalogue of manufacturers ATE: Brake pads front and rear Top categories
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Learn more about ATE brake pads

ATE brand was created in 1906 by the German businessman Alfred Teves. ATE brake pads comprise a significant part of the product range of this brand. They belong to the premium price segment and are produced at factories in Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries. All production sites of the company are certified according to ISO 9001 standard.


Today you can buy ATE brake pads of the following types:

  • With mechanical wear indicators. Equipped with bent steel elements, attached in a special way. When the friction lining goes down to a certain thickness, the steel part begins to contact the brake disc, signalling with a scratching noise about the need for a replacement.
  • With electric wear indicators. When the pad thickness reached the permissible minimum, the indicator contacts the disc, which closes the electrical circuit and the indicator on the dashboard signals that parts need to be replaced.

Also, the components differ with materials of friction linings. Semi-metal parts are characterized by good heat transfer: they are able to maintain the friction coefficient under the impact of high temperatures. Ceramic parts have a long service life and practically do not create a brake dust. In addition, they are resistant to abrasion.

3 facts about ATE brake pads

  1. High-quality eco-friendly materials are used for pads production. Friction linings of the components do not contain lead or any other harmful metal.
  2. The pads have a multi-layered structure and are equipped with special anti-rattle shims. This minimizes braking noises and has positive impact the component’s lifetime limit.
  3. Quality of the spare parts meets the requirements of the European standard ECE R90. It means that the pads have successfully passed high- and low-temperature testing and comply with the specified operational characteristics. — your online-assistant in the world of spare parts

Our online-shop offersa wide range ofspare parts by ATE for cars of different models. Look through our catalogue – here you will surely find the necessary parts. We offer low prices on all products and give an opportunity to get a free delivery. Don’t miss your profit – place an online-order right now.