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Reviews of BREMBO Brake rotors
BREMBO: Brand's rating


7.84 /10

Reviews - 4540

10 (1274)
9 (1227)
8 (1172)
7 (295)
6 (41)
5 (34)
4 (5)
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Parameters rating +15031 Advantages Disadvantages 779-
Product cost +4187 105-
Product quality +3669 128-
Packaging quality +1935 146-
Manufacturer +2281 232-
Warranty +2959 168-
Customer reviews
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.B742.51 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.B742.51

Very nice. Reasonable price. Having read all kinds of forums regarding direction of drill holes and whether disc should come in pairs, it would be helpful to state in the product details non directional.
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.A728.1X Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.A728.1X

It might improve braking distance and hope the high carbon content will resisit corrosion that has caused my current discs to warp at 32K from purchase of the new vehicle
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.6997.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.6997.11

Excellent quality and finish. Superb braking performance too! Worth paying the little bit extra for the high-carbon coated version. Used with the matching Brembo pads.
BREMBO Brake disc kit 08.5645.60 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 08.5645.60

excellent product!! noticeable improvement over OE and i have only replaced the rear rotors and pads to Brembo and the price was great!!!
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.A427.1X Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.A427.1X

I'm fed up with juddery brakes so, based on Brembo's long-term good name in the industry, I'm going to see if these do any better.
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.A271.14 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.A271.14

This product met my needs the most. I terms of price and quality. I wanted a product that would improve the performance on my car.
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.7011.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.7011.11

Brembo are rated as one of the top 24 OEM brake disc manufacturers (at #2). The price seemed very reasonable for such great discs
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.9772.1X Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.9772.1X

love these, and they look awesome, work well with Jurid diamond white disks for low dist and keeping your wheels cleaner
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.A905.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.A905.11

Brembo are one of the worlds leading brake manufactors they are fitted on the worlds top cars so they must be good
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.5509.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.5509.11

Easy to fit and fits perfectly long lasting performance in Welsh conditions (Raining most of the time)
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.9752.1X Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.9752.1X

I trust the quality of Brembo . Hope they gonna fit grate on my car and they will look nice.
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.B311.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.B311.11

I always use Brembo on my motorbike and car for their quality, durability and reliability
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.B807.41 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.B807.41

Brembo is well respected and high carbon product. TRW is OE but not available
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.N265.21 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.N265.21

It was the same part as originally fitted to my Tesla Model S 85 (2014)
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.B570.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.B570.11

I have used Brembo discs before, they perform as OEM but last longer.
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.C649.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.C649.11

i have the brand fitted on the rear and they are better than OEM
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.B556.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.B556.11

Great product and good price. If you want to stop - use Brembo..
BREMBO Brake disc kit 08.A029.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 08.A029.11

I know and trust Brembo to supply the very best quality parts.
BREMBO Brake disc kit 09.B973.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 09.B973.11

its what i have already on my truck and it brembo so why not
BREMBO Brake disc kit 08.C065.11 Review

BREMBO Brake discs 08.C065.11

for its quality and the best price with buycarparts.co,uk
Brake discs front and rear from BREMBO - Top products at reduced prices BREMBO top categories
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Learn more about Brembo brake discs

Brembo brake discs are among the most demanded in the premium segment. They are popular in the whole world. They have been produced by the eponymous Italian company since 1964. Nowadays the company is the worldwide leader in the field of research and development of brake systems for passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and racing cars. The firm operates in 16 countries. Its staff numbers 7,000 employees.


  • Sport. This product line of Brembo brake discs is suitable both for the road and racing use. They are made of high-carbon iron, due to which they demonstrate excellent resistance to extremely high temperatures. A unique system of directional ventilation increases the resistance of the parts to thermal cracks by 40%. Due to the slots on the disc surface, brake pads are cleaned better.
  • Turismo. It is a line of two-piece items: their hub is made of aluminium, while the rotor – of high-carbon iron. This design allows to ensure maximum braking efficiency and contributes to fuel saving.
  • XTRA. This line is designed for a wide range of cars: from compact to SUVs. The discs are solid. Their surface is perforated. Most models have through holes, some have recesses. Perforations ensure better cooling of the friction pair, and increase the braking performance by removing gases produced during friction of the pad against the disc.
  • Max. These car parts ensure instant stop of the car in any weather. Their surface has directional grooves of a special configuration, which efficiently carry away water and have a “shaving effect” preventing glazing of the brake pad surface. One of the grooves is a wear indicator: as soon as it disappears, the part will require replacement.
  • Co-cast. This line is represented by composite products, with the steel hub attached to a high-carbon iron rotor by casting. They are characterized by high strength.

3 facts about Brembo brake discs

  1. The discs are convenient in use. In particular, the product offer includes the parts with an integrated wheel hub bearing. With such parts, mounting of the disc and the bearing takes minimum time and requires no special tools.
  2. They work silently. The damping coefficient of the parts is higher due to the use of a new material with high carbon contents, which ensures comfortable and noiseless braking.
  3. They are long-lasting. Most of the components are coated using an innovative UV technology. This increases their resistance to corrosion.

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