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A.B.S. Brake discs rear and front

Brake discs vented and drilled from A.B.S. - original car sparesBrake discs A.B.S. front and rear
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Reviews of A.B.S. Brake rotors
A.B.S.: Brand's rating


7.5 /10

Reviews - 1669

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Customer reviews
15045 Brake discs A.B.S. review

A.B.S. Brake discs review 15045

It was cheaper buying new disks from this company,than getting the old ones skimmed
17073 Brake discs A.B.S. review

A.B.S. Brake discs review 17073

Price was good and product looks ideal to ensure the brakes are efficient
18384 Brake discs A.B.S. review

A.B.S. Brake discs review 18384

It was the cheapest and best i could find at price
15950 Brake discs A.B.S. review

A.B.S. Brake discs review 15950

Good price, good web page, and reliable company.
17931 review

Brake rotors A.B.S. review 17931

good price and hopefully correct item
17150 review

Brake rotors A.B.S. review 17150

They are long lasting at a good price
17070 review

Brake rotors A.B.S. review 17070

Great looking quality at a good price
18644 review

Brake rotors A.B.S. review 18644

good price, required item
17489 review

A.B.S. 17489

Long lasting good price
18429 review

A.B.S. 18429

it was the best price
18383 review

A.B.S. 18383

abs has good prouducts
17525 review

A.B.S. 17525

need new as old worn
17541 review

A.B.S. 17541

mine were knackered
18213 review

A.B.S. 18213

competitive price
17520 review

A.B.S. 17520

It's looking good
17330 review

A.B.S. 17330

Quality & price
18440 review

A.B.S. 18440

great service
18341 review

A.B.S. 18341

it was cheap
17605 review

A.B.S. 17605

Great site
18203 review

A.B.S. 18203

Great price

A.B.S. Brake disc for Top Models

Catalogue of manufacturers A.B.S.: Brake discs front and rear Top categories
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  • Original A.B.S. Brake caliper Brake caliper
  • Original A.B.S. Drum brake Drum brake
  • Original A.B.S. ABS sensor ABS sensor
  • A.B.S. Brake caliper repair kit in original quality Brake caliper repair kit
  • A.B.S. Handbrake in original quality Handbrake
  • A.B.S. Brake disc back plate in original quality Brake disc back plate
  • A.B.S. Brake master cylinder in original quality Brake master cylinder
  • Brake fluid A.B.S. catalogue Brake fluid
  • Brake pad wear sensor A.B.S. catalogue Brake pad wear sensor
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  • Brake shoes A.B.S. Brake shoes
  • Handbrake cable A.B.S. Handbrake cable
  • Brake caliper bolt A.B.S. Brake caliper bolt
  • Handbrake shoes A.B.S. Handbrake shoes
  • Brake pad fitting kit A.B.S. Brake pad fitting kit
  • Wheel cylinder A.B.S. Wheel cylinder
  • Brake set, drum brakes A.B.S. Brake set, drum brakes
  • Brake shoe fitting kit A.B.S. Brake shoe fitting kit
  • Brake shoe adjuster A.B.S. Brake shoe adjuster
  • Brake power regulator A.B.S. Brake power regulator
  • Brake pipe A.B.S. Brake pipe
  • Brake disc bolts A.B.S. Brake disc bolts
  • Master cylinder repair kit A.B.S. Master cylinder repair kit
  • Repair kit, wheel brake cylinder A.B.S. Repair kit, wheel brake cylinder

Learn more about ABS brake discs

ABS brand belongs to the same-name Dutch company known as the reliable parts manufacturer since 1987. It offers dozens of thousands of products, including ABS brake discs. These parts belong to the mid-price segment and are very popular among car owners. The company is certified for compliance with ISO 9001 standard.


In the brand assortment, you can choose discs compatible with several car models, as well as components designed for the exact model. According to a construction, these car parts are divided into the following categories:

  • Non-ventilated. These are solid discs which are usually of high durability.
  • Ventilated. Such design consists of 2 connected thin discs with radial vanes between them. Air passing through them promotes cooling of the products. The components of this type have positive impact brake system efficiency and the longevity of brake pads operation. Moreover, they help to get rid of squealing sound in the brake units which often is the result of excessive heating.

Also, drilled discs are produced under this brand. There are holes on their surface which provide products cooling. Such parts have smaller weight than ones without perforation.

Moreover, you can buy ABS brake discs of Sportline series. These parts have special surface which promotes disposal of the gases produced at braking. It improves system operation. The surface of the discs for right and left axle sides differs. Moreover, Sportline parts get high-quality anti-corrosion coating. It helps to extend service life of the components.

2 facts about ABS brake discs

  1. Products of this category are represented by almost 2000 items, that is why you can choose the suitable option from the available assortment for any car of European, American, Japanese or Korean make.
  2. Components production is performed with the help of CNC – computerized numerical control. Due to this, the elements ensure effective braking and serve for a long time. — your online-assistant in the world of spare parts

You can buy these car parts inexpensively on our website. We not only set low prices, but also give an opportunity to get free delivery. Moreover, regularly offers discounts on different groups of spare parts. Buy high-quality parts for brake system without extra expenses!