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Brake caliper SEAT LEON rear and front

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Brake caliper for SEAT LEON: useful information

Technical information
  • Parts recommended for simultaneous replacement as part of a service kit
    • Wiper blade
    • Brake hose
    • Brake pad set
    • Brake disc
    • Brake Fluid
    • Guide Sleeve Kit, brake caliper
    • Splash Panel, brake disc
    • Accessory Kit, disc brake pads
    • Hand brake cable
    • Repair Kit, brake caliper
    • Brake discs and pads set
    • Brake shoe fitting kit
List price of Brake caliper for SEAT LEON
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  • Maximum price £ 438,00

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What types of brake calipers are installed on Seat Leon?

Most versions of Seat Leon are equipped with single-piston floating calipers made from cast iron or steel. Two-piston parts are less common. Fixed type components are only used for tuning, which should be performed by professionals.

The cast iron parts are durable and corrosion-resistant but heavy. The steel parts are lighter but can get rusty.

Many manufacturers offer remanufactured products. They are cheaper than new ones but are almost as durable and reliable as new ones. These components are presented in the catalogues of such famous brands as TRW, Budweg Caliper, Era Benelux, Ate, Lauber, Ferodo, Triscan, Bosch, etc.

Should these parts be replaced in pairs on one axle of Seat Leon?

No, you can replace only a broken mechanism. After mounting a new component, be sure to replace all brake pads on the axle.

Will a brake caliper for 2002 Seat Leon fit the model produced in 2014?

No, these vehicles are of different generations. Their components have different sizes. For instance, the calipers installed on the 2002 cars have 54-mm-diameter pistons and are compatible with 22-mm thick brake discs. For the vehicles manufactured in 2014, these parameters are 54 mm and 25 mm respectively. Moreover, the size of the parts even within one car generation may differ depending on the version. That is why you should always check whether the component complies with your car technical specifications before buying it.

What tools and special products are required for the replacement of the components?

You will need the following tools:

  • drive sockets;
  • open-end, lug and ratchet wrenches of appropriate sizes;
  • crowbar;
  • torque wrench;
  • wheel chocks;
  • brake hose clamp and a brake bleeding kit.

For topping up, prepare the working fluid of the same type as used in the system. You’ll also need a brush and a special brake cleaner to remove dirt and corrosion stains from the components. Some elements should be treated with a copper or anti-squealing grease.

How to replace brake calipers on Seat Leon?

The steps may slightly differ depending on the vehicle version and production year. Carefully check your vehicle repair manual before you start the replacement procedure. To replace the part on the front axle you should typically do the following:

  • Place your car on a lifting device.
  • Unscrew the brake fluid reservoir cap.
  • Loosen the wheel fasteners.
  • Raise the car.
  • Unscrew the bolts and remove the wheels.
  • Pry and remove the dust caps from the guide pins.
  • Unscrew the bolts and detach the caliper from the bracket.
  • Remove the brake pads.
  • Secure the brake hose with a wire.
  • Clean it from dirt.
  • Secure the brake hose clamp to the hose 10–15 cm away from its end.
  • Unscrew the brake hose fastener and detach the hose from the cylinder.
  • Clean the bracket of dirt. Apply some anti-squealing paste on the area of its contact with the pads. Treat their backsides with copper grease.
  • Install them in a new brake caliper, attach it to the bracket, and connect the hose.
  • Bleed the brakes.
  • Reinstall all the components, observing the tightening torques specified by the car manufacturer.
  • Top up the working fluid in the reservoir.

Important! You can only start the work if you have the required skills. Improper part replacement can cause a vehicle malfunction and lead to a road accident.