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Brake caliper AUDI A4 rear and front

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Brake caliper for AUDI A4: useful information

Technical information
  • Parts recommended for simultaneous replacement as part of a service kit
    • Wiper blade
    • Brake hose
    • Brake pad set
    • Brake disc
    • Brake Fluid
    • Guide Sleeve Kit, brake caliper
    • Splash Panel, brake disc
    • Accessory Kit, disc brake pads
    • Hand brake cable
    • Repair Kit, brake caliper
    • Brake discs and pads set
    • Brake shoe fitting kit
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  • Maximum price £ 396,00

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How do I know what type of brake calipers is used on my Audi A4 car?

Information about the parts installed on your vehicle is specified in its technical documentation. Besides, our online shop offers automatic selection of spare parts based on the car version.

Most Audi A4 versions have factory-installed single-piston floating brake calipers. Some of them feature an integrated parking brake mechanism.

Are the front and rear parts always the same?

No. The rear mechanisms are subject to less stress than the front ones when braking. Thus, the sizes of the brake discs, pads and calipers vary depending on the axle. For instance, the first-generation Audi A4 saloons had front calipers with 57-mm-diameter pistons compatible with 25-mm thick brake discs. For the rear axle, these values were 38 mm and 10 mm respectively.

Can I replace a brake caliper myself?

You can if you have the required skills and experience. If you don’t, it is better to seek professional help. The removal procedure involves depressurising the system, which requires bleeding it after completing the repair. Incorrect bleeding reduces the braking efficiency significantly, which can result in a road accident. The replacement of the components includes the following steps:

  • removing the wheel;
  • removing the brake caliper;
  • cleaning the components of dirt;
  • applying grease;
  • mounting a new part and reinstalling all the removed parts;
  • bleeding the brakes;
  • checking the system for operability.

In what cases can the part be repaired?

Using the repair kit, you can restore the capability of the guide pins and pistons to move by replacing them with new ones. Leaks in most cases can be eliminated by installing new seals. With a brush and special spray, you can clean the housing from corrosion and dirt. If desired, it can be painted.

When should the component be replaced?

Replacement of this part is required in case of severe mechanical damage caused by, for instance, a road accident. Sometimes its malfunctioning is caused by incorrect removal of the piston. You’ll also have to install a new component if its housing is significantly corroded.

How can I tell if the brake caliper on Audi A4 is bad?

First of all, you should assess the braking efficiency. If you notice an increase in the braking path, the part may be faulty. Also, a failure can be suspected if the vehicle loses its roadholding ability during braking, the brake pedal vibrates and has become harder or softer. Sometimes the system actuates only at the end of the pedal travel.

Then inspect the brake pads. Their uneven wear often indicates stuck guide pins or pistons.

Check the part for leaks. For a more accurate diagnosis, it should be removed and disassembled.

How to grease the guide pins and what lubricant to choose?

There are special high-temperature greases, mostly silicon-based, designed for treating the guide pins. After having cleaned and degreased the surface of the components, apply the product in a thin layer.