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Zimmermann is a German brand, under which brake discs, drums and pads are manufactured. Products under the brand name Zimmermann feature excellent quality and affordable prices.

Zimmermann Background

The Otto Zimmermann company was established in 1947 and got its name after its founder. Zimmermann was the first to begin the mass production of brake drums and discs.

Until 1990, the main plant of the company had been located in Eppingen, but constantly growing demand made them acquire new production facilities. Zimmermann moved to the industrial city Sinsheim, to the new plant area. Advanced equipment helped to widen the company’s product range significantly – Zimmermann started manufacturing cross-drilled brake discs with the improved cooling system.

Today, industrial and warehouse spaces of the company in Sinsheim make up 17000 м². Current product range of the company contains 3000 items and is distributed in 60 world’s countries. It includes mid- and high-end products, OE and non-OE components. We offer you to buy Zimmermann car parts online right now and at favourable prices.

Zimmermann Car parts

There are several known categories of Zimmermann components:

  • Standard brake discs. The most inexpensive item in the German company. Despite their low price, such car parts have a long life-cycle.
  • Formula Z brake discs. Resistant to deformation even while being used at extremely high temperatures, have a light-weight design, prevent “hot spots”. Formula Z brake discs fit vehicles with suspension and engine tuning.
  • Brake discs and drums with Сoat Z. Since 2008 Zimmermann has begun to supply spare parts with anti-corrosive Coat Z for the aftermarket. Such components are highly corrosion-resistant and have an attractive appearance.
  • Sport brake discs. Cross-drilled brake discs increase brake system performance, function ideally under high moisture conditions, have Coat Z. Fit almost all passenger vehicles.
  • Brake pads. The German company’s catalogue contains more than 1000 items of brake pads. Each component is protected from corrosion and has a prolonged life-cycle.
  • Kits for drum brakes. Protected from corrosion and increase brake system performance. The kit includes brake cylinders and pads as well as mountings, lubricant and all other components required for installation.
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Customer reviews
ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 150.3497.52 Review

ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 150.3497.52

I chose this produt because the disc surfaces are drilled, which should in theory disspate the brake dusk and reduce damage to the disc surfaces.
ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 460.1524.20 Review

ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 460.1524.20

good quality metal only slight surface rusting on brake surface when parked for long periods
ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 290.2265.52 Review

ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 290.2265.52

I couldn't find drilled discs anywhere else
ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 100.3380.75 Review

ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 100.3380.75

German and only part available for my car
ZIMMERMANN Brake Pad Set, disc brake 25214.175.2 Review
ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 100.3363.75 Review

ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 100.3363.75

Used before can recommend
ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 150.2907.70 Review
ZIMMERMANN Brake Pad Set, disc brake 25875.160.1 Review
ZIMMERMANN Brake Disc 100.3376.52 Review
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