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YAZUKA Сar parts

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Yazuka – is a trademark under which the Polish company Inter Cars S A, a major European packer and a distributor of car parts, distributes cables for various motor units and systems. You can pick out the necessary cables for most of the vehicles that are manufactured in Japan and Korea in the Yazuka car parts catalogue.

Yazuka spare parts

  1. Speed indicator cables. Cores of ropes are manufactured from strong steel wire. They provide reliable torque transfer from the output shaft of the transmission gear box to the speed indicator.
  2. Clutch Control cables. They are moisture resistant and supplied together with adjusting nut.
  3. Throttling valve cables. They are notable for their durability, reliability and resistance to corrosion. They can be supplied with special adapters that are intended for manipulations with lubricating oil.
  4. Handbrake cables. Their galvanized steel wire is characterized by increased corrosion resistance. The strong polyurethane cover provides reliable protection of internal elements of the auto part from external action.

All parts that are distributed under the brand name Yazuka are known for their high quality. They have a low coefficient of friction and a long service life. Only first-rate raw materials and the most modern technologies are used for their manufacturing. Yazuka cables are tested multiple times during production and that’s why they withstand even the most excessive loads.

Buy spare car parts Yazuka online

The wide choice of car spares for European, Asian and American automobiles is presented in the online store buycarparts.co.uk. We are ready to provide the two year warranty for all our car parts.

Our catalogue is easy to use. To find the necessary item all you have to do is specify the brand, model and modification of your vehicle and the system will offer you all available car spares. If you will have any questions when choosing car parts ask the specialists of our customer support service. They will not only provide qualified help but also tell you all about special offers, discounts and ways to save money on delivery.

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