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Yamato is a Polish brand, under which rubber and rubber-metal elements of suspension and steering control are produced. Products of the company suit the majority of vehicles produced in Japan and Korea. Yamato catalogue has more than 2 000 items. They are all noted by high quality and low cost. Polish company Inter Cars is an exclusive distributor of Yamato components.

Yamato auto parts
  • tie-rod ends;
  • stabilizer connectors;
  • track rods;
  • suspension control arms;
  • bushings of suspension control arms;
  • bolts of suspension control arms;
  • engine mounts;
  • stabilizer supports.

High quality of car parts is provided by thorough selection of materials and strict control at all production stages. Finished parts are examined under a metallographic microscope and are testing in conditions that imitate operation: metal components are tested for hardness, rubber components for strength and elasticity.

Loads that can affect it during the process of usage as well as subtleties of the installation are considered during manufacturing of each car spares. That is why tie-rod ends, stabilizer connectors and bolts of equalizing bar are supplied with a protective case made of strong rubber and a clamping nut. Suspension control arms are supplied together with bushes and pivots are ready for the installation. Control arm pads and bushings are resistant to knocking and engine supports are manufactured from rubber of the highest quality and that is why they provide reliable dampening.

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YAMATO | Anti roll bar bushes

YAMATO | Wishbone bushes

YAMATO | Anti roll bar links

  • YAMATO car parts: Engine mount Engine mount
  • YAMATO car parts: Control arm Control arm
  • YAMATO car parts: Suspension ball joint Suspension ball joint
  • YAMATO car parts: Track rod end Track rod end
  • YAMATO car parts: Inner tie rod Inner tie rod
  • YAMATO car parts: Tie rod Tie rod
  • YAMATO car parts: Leaf spring Leaf spring
  • YAMATO car parts: Axle bushes Axle bushes
  • YAMATO car parts: Control arm repair kit Control arm repair kit
  • YAMATO car parts: Gearbox mount Gearbox mount
  • YAMATO car parts: Strut mount Strut mount
  • YAMATO car parts: Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops
  • YAMATO car parts: Differential Differential
  • YAMATO car parts: Anti roll bar Anti roll bar
  • YAMATO car parts: Steering rack boot Steering rack boot
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  • Leaf spring
  • Strut mount
  • Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops
  • Engine mount
  • Track rod end
  • Inner tie rod
  • Tie rod
  • Steering rack boot
  • Anti roll bar bushes
  • Wishbone bushes
  • Anti roll bar links
  • Control arm
  • Suspension ball joint
  • Axle bushes
  • Control arm repair kit
  • Differential
  • Anti roll bar
  • Gearbox mount
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Control Arm- / Trailing Arm Bush J51003BYMT Review

Control Arm- / Trailing Arm Bush J51003BYMT

very pleased with item, quality and price are great, quick delivery,well packaged , 1st class service, will use again, many thanks, B..
Stabiliser Mounting J72085YMT Review

Stabiliser Mounting J72085YMT

Same as already fitted
Holder, engine mounting I54032YMT Review
Stabiliser Mounting J72086YMT Review

Stabiliser Mounting J72086YMT

Same part as fitted
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