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VEMO is a brand of auto parts. It belongs to the company VIEROL Aktiengesellschaft which is involved in packing and distribution of a wide range of car spares for wholesalers. VEMO brand offers its customers automobile electronics, various detectors, sensors and other components.

The History of VEMO

The history of VEMO trademark goes back to 1977 when VIEROL AG Company was established in Germany. At first the company was involved in the production of purpose made car parts in small volumes. Afterwards it changed its specialization having focused its attention on procurement and packing car parts by other manufacturers. At present its representative offices are located not only in Europe but in the USA, China and Singapore. Since 2000 the company has had the name of VIEROL Aktiengesellschaft.

The company established the trademark VEMO in 1998. The catalogue of the brand has more than 9 000 items which can be purchased in 125 countries of the world. Perfect technical characteristics and high reliability of VEMO car parts were awarded with the quality mark Q+, which is as a rule given to German manufacturers of original equipment. It means that when having decided to buy VEMO auto parts online, you will receive car parts which have almost the same excellent quality as genuine ones, but are sold at much more attractive prices.

VEMO auto parts

  1. Detectors and sensors. The category includes flowmeters, shaft position detectors, air temperature, oil, cooling liquid, pressure detectors in tyres and other products. All the car parts are noted for the durability of their enclosure and high quality soldering of microchips. Thanks to the universal connectors the detectors are suitable for the installation on automobiles of various brands. Car parts are packed in an anti-static protecting film, which provides safety of the electrical part of devices during their transportation.
  2. Electrics. The category includes alternators, starters, relays and voltage adjusters. Modern materials that are able to withstand high loads are used for their manufacturing. Enclosures of alternators and starters are noted for high level of protection from corrosion. They are suitable for the installation on vehicles by Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Ford, Skoda and others.
  3. Breakers and switchers. The category includes switches of steering column and ignition, stoplight, heater regulators and other car parts.
  4. Power system and ignition system elements. The product catalogue has about 300 ignition coils for automobiles of various brands. In addition to this a wide range of petrol pump, ignition distributor caps, ignition spark plugs and glow plugs is represented to the customer’s attention.
  5. Conditioning and cooling system parts. The category includes fans, condensers, electric motors, viscous couplings, filters and dehumidifiers, belt pulleys and other car spares. They are noted for high quality and affordable prices and that is why they are popular among car owners in Europe as well as outside it.
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VEMO | Engine thermostat

VEMO | Spark plug

VEMO | Glow plugs

  • VEMO Сar parts: Pollen filter Pollen filter
  • VEMO Сar parts: Coolant sensor Coolant sensor
  • VEMO Сar parts: Parking sensors Parking sensors
  • VEMO Сar parts: Windscreen washer pump Windscreen washer pump
  • VEMO Сar parts: Windscreen washer jets Windscreen washer jets
  • VEMO Сar parts: Crankshaft sensor Crankshaft sensor
  • VEMO Сar parts: Steering column switch Steering column switch
  • VEMO Сar parts: Ignition coil Ignition coil
  • VEMO Сar parts: Window switch Window switch
  • VEMO Сar parts: Radiator fan switch Radiator fan switch
  • VEMO Сar parts: ABS sensor ABS sensor
  • VEMO Сar parts: Brake pad wear sensor Brake pad wear sensor
  • VEMO Сar parts: Lambda sensor Lambda sensor
  • VEMO Сar parts: Wiper motor Wiper motor
  • VEMO Сar parts: Blower motor resistor Blower motor resistor
  • VEMO Сar parts: Brake light switch Brake light switch
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  • ABS sensor
  • Brake pad wear sensor
Engine cooling system
  • Engine thermostat
  • Coolant sensor
  • Pollen filter
Heating / ventilation
Windscreen cleaning system
  • Windscreen washer pump
  • Windscreen washer jets
  • Wiper motor
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Warranty +1863 107-
Customer reviews
Reviews of Engine thermostat V24-99-0046

Engine thermostat V24-99-0046

Reviews of Sensor, ignition pulse V10-72-1042

Sensor, ignition pulse V10-72-1042

It checked out against the original part number and comes with the sealing ring
Reviews of Steering Column Switch V22-80-0017

Steering Column Switch V22-80-0017

it mached the part number and cheaper than car distributor parts
Reviews of Water Pump, window cleaning V95-08-0005

Water Pump, window cleaning V95-08-0005

It was a direct replacement for my original part.
Reviews of Windscreen washer jet V10-08-0318

Windscreen washer jet V10-08-0318

bought product previously and its good quality
Reviews of Sensor, coolant temperature V10-72-0955

Sensor, coolant temperature V10-72-0955

It was easy to find on your site, thank you
Reviews of Engine thermostat V42-99-0002

Engine thermostat V42-99-0002

OEM product and priced right.
Reviews of Pollen filter V25-30-1072-1
Reviews of Crankshaft sensor V10-72-0938-1
Reviews of Pollen filter V10-30-1002
Reviews of Pollen filter V20-31-5001
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