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VEGAZ Сar parts, Car detailing

Online Сar parts, Car detailing catalog from VEGAZ

VEGAZ GmbH is a German company that specializes in the distribution of auto parts by the leading manufacturers. It is involved in the production of exhaust system parts, particulate filters and other products. In addition to the equipment of the most common models of modern automobiles VEGAZ catalogue provides a wide range of car spares for rare vehicles, such as Opel Rekord produced in 1972-77, Opel Senator produced in 1983-87, Audi 80 issued in 1973, BMW 316 produced in 1978-80 and others. The central office of the company is located in Kölln-Reisiek, Germany.

Car parts by VEGAZ

  1. Catalyst converters. VEGAZ company catalogue offers a wide range of catalysts that are produced by American company WALKER – a supplier of original equipment for the assembly lines of such group companies as Toyota, Nissan, Daimler-Chrysler, Honda, Porsche, General Motors, BMW and others. One of the latest developments of the manufacturer is Aluminox line that has double protection from corrosion.
  2. Mini-catalysts. They are suitable for refitting the vehicles with a standard catalyst. Their installation allows lowering the amount of hazardous emissions by 50 %.
  3. Packages for refitting. They allow refitting the vehicle in accordance with the latest environmental standards and respectably decreasing the volumes of polluting emissions.
  4. Particulate/ Particle filters. Filter matrix is produced from silicon carbide that effectively holds the soot particles of various sizes. The metal body of the car part is noted for resistance to corrosion.
  5. Mufflers. They are manufactured from materials that are resistant to high temperature and pressure. The company product range includes sport mufflers with two-fold exhaust pipe and straight mufflers. The latter ones are manufactured from stainless steel and fiber glass is used as a noise-eliminating material in their structure.
  6. Exhaust manifolds. They are able to withstand temperature of up to 1300 oC as well as high pressure. They are suitable for installation on vehicles by Opel, Audi, Ford, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat.
  7. Pipes and flexible hoses (corrugated pipes) of the muffler. As a rule, they are manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum that are resistant to high temperatures and moisture. They are noted for long service life.
  8. Supporting brackets, sealings, fastening elements. They are characterized by high durability and provide reliable fixation of the exhaust system components. Rubber sealings retain elasticity within a long period of time. Supporting brackets of the mufflers that are also manufactured from rubber provide an excellent dampening.
  9. Oxygen sensors. They are noted for high precision and sensitivity to the smallest changes of the exhaust gas composition. They allow evaluating and adjusting the operation of the engine and auxiliary systems.

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