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VAICO Сar parts, Engine oil, Car detailing, Car tools

Catalogue of manufacturers VAICO

VAICO is a famous auto parts brand, under which both original and non-original parts are produced. You can buy VAICO car parts online under favourable terms in our online store

VAICO Background

The VAICO brand name was registered in 1999 by a large German company VIEROL that originally manufactured customized car parts for German automotive companies. Later, the VIEROL company widened the range of its activities and began to develop its own dealer network, purchase and pack goods for large wholesale companies. By 2007, the company had begun to supply original parts for the production lines of leading car-manufacturers; among those are Daimler AG, General Motors, BMW and Ford.

The VAICO brand offers engine and transmission parts, consumables for passenger cars from European brands. The VAICO product range includes nearly 17000 items. The company’s products are sold in 110 world countries.

VAICO Car parts

  1. Components of engine systems and mechanisms. The product range includes more than 480 types of components, among which are turbochargers, inlet and exhaust valves, oil separators.
  2. Transmission components. Apart from other parts, this category includes propeller shafts, transmission mounts.
  3. Filters. The VIEROL company offers 160 kinds of hydraulic filters for automatic transmission from VAICO brand.
  4. Consumables. Under the brand, more than 70 types of operating fluids are produced including oil additives and lubricants.

VAICO car parts have the following advantages:

  1. Long service life. Excellent material characteristics guarantee wear-resistance of the components. The quality of VAICO products complies with ISO Standards. The production process is carried out according to strict rules and that is proved by the Q+ special quality mark.
  2. Easy to install. The brand VAICO also produces repair kits that include seals and mountings.
  3. Reasonable prices. Being of the perfect German quality, nevertheless, VAICO products belong to low-end.
Catalogue of manufacturers VAICO online

VAICO original products bestsellers

VAICO | Brake discs

VAICO | Shock absorber

VAICO | Brake pads

  • VAICO Сar parts: Control arm Control arm
  • VAICO Сar parts: Engine oil Engine oil
  • VAICO Сar parts: Clutch kit Clutch kit
  • VAICO Сar parts: Wheel hub Wheel hub
  • VAICO Сar parts: Timing belt kit Timing belt kit
  • VAICO Сar parts: Wheel bearing Wheel bearing
  • VAICO Сar parts: Turbo Turbo
  • VAICO Сar parts: Brake caliper Brake caliper
  • VAICO Сar parts: Oil filter Oil filter
  • VAICO Сar parts: Coil spring Coil spring
  • VAICO Сar parts: Timing belt and water pump Timing belt and water pump
  • VAICO Сar parts: Air filter Air filter
  • VAICO Сar parts: Fuel filter Fuel filter
  • VAICO Сar parts: Drive shaft Drive shaft
  • VAICO Сar parts: Strut mount Strut mount
  • VAICO Сar parts: Wing mirror Wing mirror
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Customer reviews
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Crankcase breather hose V10-2679

It clearly stated this was for my model of Audi.
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Radiator Hose V30-0254

Clear picture of item, enough info about item
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Crankcase breather hose V10-3099

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