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Unipoint is a well-known brand of auto parts. It belongs to Taiwan Company Unipoint Group which is specialized in the production of starters, alternators and their components. Additionally windscreen wipers and conditioning system elements are produced under the brand Unipoint.

The History of Unipoint

The history of the trademark Unipoint began in 1972 from the moment of the establishment Unipoint Electric Mfg Co. Ltd Company. The first product that was produced by the company was the contact series of ignition switches. In 1977 the company began the production of electromagnetic switches. Right now the selling proposition of the company includes over 800 types of such switches and throughout all this time more than 50 000 000 items were sold. Since 2011 Unipoint Concern is a part of Bosch Group.

At present factories of Unipoint are located in Taoyuan, Taiwan and Shenzhen, China and warehouses are located not only in Asia but in North America. Original and non-original car parts for the majority of Japanese, European, Korean and American vehicles are produced under Unipoint brand. You can always buy Unipoint auto parts online on our website.

Car parts by Unipoint

  1. Starters and alternators. Unipoint catalogue has more than 2000 starters and alternators for the majority of models of various automobile brands. Only solid bearings that can withstand high loads are used in their construction and it considerably increases the service life of the car spares. For the production of rotor winding and starters only high quality copper is used and it guarantees stable operation of the car parts. The starter bodies and alternators are manufactured from aluminum that is resistant to corrosion and aggressive impact of the environment. Alloys with high concentration of copper are used for the production of solenoids.
  2. Components for starters and alternators. In addition to ready-assembled starters and alternatorsthe brand Unipoint represents a wide range of their separate elements among which there are:
    • Electro-magnetic switches. They are noted for resistance to high temperatures, as copper wire is used in their structure. Their contacts are also manufactured from copper or silver.
    • Starter armature. Reliable bearings prevent the occurrence of vibrations and provide noiseless operation of the starter.
    • Bendix starter drives. They undergo high-temperature treatment and are subjects to thorough computer based testing.
    • Voltage adjusters. They have digital circuits that are compatible with original equipment. They are supplied with a high quality transistor that withstands high temperatures well.
    • Diode bridges. High power diodes are used in their design. Some elements are manufactured from copper in order to provide better heat removal.
  3. Air conditioning systems and engine cooling. The category includes radiators, fans, electric motor, clutches and other parts. They are noted for high quality production, vibration resistance, low noise level and long service life. Nylon with addition of glass fiber is used for the production of fan blades. It increases the resistance of the car part to temperature and mechanical deformations.
  4. Windshield wipers. They are manufactured from high quality raw materials and characterized by efficiency and long service life. Every month the factories of the company produce more than 5.5 million of windshield wipers.
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