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ULO is a famous manufacturer of automotive electronics. Since 2008, it has been a part of the Odelo Deutschland GmbH production team.

ULO Background

The ULO company appeared in 1947, in Germany and at first, bore the name ULO-Werk Moritz Ullmann GmbH & Co. KG. Its founder is Moritz Ullmann, whose family emigrated during the war years from the Czech Republic to Germany. The former citizen of Bohemia knew the ins and outs about glass procession and, having moved, he decided to start producing glass bike reflectors. Later Moritz Ullmann expanded the product line and the company began to manufacture reflectors for automotive industry.

By 1957, ULO had started to supply for Daimler-Benz and Opel production lines. Step by step, company’s lamps and mirrors won the popularity with other European manufacturers. ULO products belong to high-market.

At present, company’s products are used by such famous car brands as Mercedes-Benz, Rover, BMW, Audi, Opel and Volkswagen. Under the ULO brand, car parts for the aftermarket are also produced; they have the same high quality as original equipment.

The main peculiarity of the ULO car parts is their design that considers the climatic conditions of the place where the car is being used. This becomes possible due to close collaboration of regional dealers with company’s developers. You can buy ULO car parts online that are going to fit your car perfectly well in our online store.

ULO Car parts

  1. Reversing light. This category of components feature accurate colour precision and resistance to vibrations. Housings feature high durability and protect internal elements from moisture and mechanical damage.
  2. Headlights. High quality materials and strict production control of components guarantee tight fitting. Durable and resistant to temperature changes isolation protects electric wiring from melting and short circuits.
  3. Mirrors. Feature good field of view and proportion of the reflected objects. Can be equipped with electrical drive and heating.
  4. Daytime running lights. Are economical and highly efficient as they use LEDs as a source of light.
  5. Fixations and mountings. Made of durable materials provide secure fixation of all lightning system elements.
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ULO | Rear lights

ULO | Side indicators

ULO | Glass for wing mirror

  • ULO car parts: Wing mirror Wing mirror
  • ULO car parts: Third brake light Third brake light
  • ULO car parts: Headlights Headlights
  • ULO car parts: Tailgate Tailgate
  • ULO car parts: Moldings Moldings
  • ULO car parts: Reverse light Reverse light
  • ULO car parts: Position light Position light
  • ULO car parts: Interior lights Interior lights
  • ULO car parts: Rear fog lights Rear fog lights
  • ULO car parts: Ambient temperature sensor Ambient temperature sensor
  • ULO car parts: Daytime running light Daytime running light
  • ULO car parts: Stop light Stop light
  • ULO car parts: Interior mirror Interior mirror
  • ULO car parts: Wing mirror covers Wing mirror covers
  • ULO car parts: Rear reflector Rear reflector
  • ULO car parts: Temperature sensor Temperature sensor
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  • Rear lights
  • Side indicators
  • Glass for wing mirror
  • Wing mirror
  • Third brake light
  • Headlights
  • Tailgate
  • Moldings
  • Reverse light
  • Position light
  • Rear fog lights
  • Daytime running light
  • Stop light
  • Wing mirror covers
Comfort / interior
  • Interior mirror
Light bulbs
  • Interior lights
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Temperature sensor
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Customer reviews
Combination Rearlight 1116001 Review

Combination Rearlight 1116001

The info and pic was exactly like the one on my car
Combination Rearlight 1134012 Review

Combination Rearlight 1134012

It is the part I want
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