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Catalogue of manufacturers THERMOTEC

Thermotec is a polish manufacturer of auto parts. It is specialized in the production of engine cooling system elements and air conditioning. Distribution of Thermotec products on the territory of Europe is carried out by Inter Cars S.A. Company – the largest distributor of car parts in Central and Eastern Europe with the headquarters in Warsaw (Warszawa).

Car parts by Thermotec

  1. Cooling system elements.
    • Radiators. Radiator cores are manufactured from aluminum and that is why they have a low weight and resistance to corrosion. Before being delivered to the warehouse every radiator undergoes thorough testing that consists of several stages. One part of the testing includes verification of the compliance of sizes and structure of the radiator with the original equipment as well as the examination of the physical form of the car parts. With the help of compressed air flow under pressure of 0.25 Mpa / 70 secs and liquid with pressure of 0.3 Mpa / 20 sec the condition of sealing elements is also checked.
    • Heating exchangers. They have great thermal conductivity since they are made out of aluminum.
    • Intercoolers. They are intended for the use in automobiles that are equipped with a turbo compressor. They are notable for their resistance to high pressure and temperature drops.
    • Pumps. They are manufactured from high quality materials and provide optimal liquid flow during all the engine operation modes.
    • Fans. They are put in motion with the electromotor and have an internal temperature sensor. Fan blades are manufactured from b polymer material – PA66 – and are noted for resistance to mechanical damages and temperature drops. Their structure promotes reduction of vibration and noise during motor operation.
    • Viscous couplings. They regulate the speed of fan rotation, providing optimal engine cooling and reducing the fuel consumption.
    • Viscous couplings fans. They are manufactured from high quality plastic material and are resistant to fracturing and high temperatures.
    • Auxiliary elements. The category includes overflow tanks, lids of barrels and radiators. They serve for regulation of pressure in the cooling system and are noted for their durability and resistance to temperature deformations. For the production of air intakes b rubber reinforced by metal sheath is used.
  2. Conditioning system components.
    • Pulleys and electromagnetic couplings of compressors. They effectively absorb vibrations and reduce loads for the conditioner. They provide a well-timed switching of the fan.
    • Sealing elements. They reliably pressurize connections. They are characterized by resistance to corrosive chemical elements, temperature and pressure drops.

Buy Thermotec auto parts online

Thanks to the high quality and an affordable price Thermotec components are popular in all Europe. You can buy them in specialized stores as well as on our website. Buying auto parts with us you will appreciate all the advantages of, among which are:

  1. Well-timed delivery. The advantageous location of our warehouses and the continuous availability of a wide range of car spares allow us to carry out the delivery within the shortest periods.
  2. Wide choice of goods. Our online-shop has a lot of car parts by world-renowned manufacturers. That is why every customer will be able to choose the most suitable car spare for his automobile.

Affordable prices. We’ve established close collaboration with car part manufacturers and large distributors and that is why we are able to sell car parts at low prices.

Catalogue of manufacturers THERMOTEC online

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  • THERMOTEC Сar parts: Radiator grille Radiator grille
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